QuantInsti And NSE Author The First Certification Program On Algorithmic Trading

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QuantInsti And NSE Author The First Certification Program On Algorithmic Trading [PR] QuantInsti, a leading name in financial markets education in Asia, has developed the content of a certification program on Algorithmic Trading offered by the National Stock Exchange (NSE) of India.

NSE is the largest exchange of India and ranks as the 12th largest exchange in the world based on its market capitalization of more than USD 1.65 trillion as of January 2015. It offers trading in equities, derivatives, debt, equity derivatives, currency derivatives and interest rate future. In early 2000s, NSE was the first exchange in India to provide electronic trading facility and one decade later became the first exchange to provide algorithmic trading facility to the second most populated country in the world.

Ever since Securities and Exchange Board of India allowed Direct Market Access (DMA) in 2008, algorithmic trading has seen a steep rise in the country. The Financial Stability Report by Reserve Bank of India says the volumes in algo trading and high frequency trading (HFT) have increased substantially over the past few years in the cash segment from 17% on NSE and 11% on Bombay Stock Exchange in 2011, respectively, to around 40% of total trades in both the exchanges by March 2015.

With the advent of Algorithmic Trading in Indian markets and the benefits it brings to the traders across the board, it is imperative to develop domain knowledge expertise in quantitative and qualitative Algorithmic Trading skills. It helps to understand the market in a better manner and often allows framing different strategies as per the market movements. In view of this, NSE has launched NCFM- Algorithmic Trading Module. NSE's Certification in Financial Markets (NCFM) is a facility for testing and certification of practical knowledge and skills required to operate in the financial markets. Through this course, the analysts, traders, consultants and other market participants can understand the basics of Algorithmic Trading and learn to frame different trading strategies. Risk Management and Audit-Compliance Process are the key chapters in the module, developed with an aim to enable traders to manage risks in a better way.

The NCFM- Algorithmic Trading Module has been developed by QuantInsti, a pioneer institute in Algorithmic Trading training. In addition to this certification, NSE has conducted multiple two days training programs on Algorithmic Trading as a part of their Management Development Programs (MDP). These comprehensive and enriched trainings are vital for practicing professionals and managers who are keen on utilizing technological innovations in financial markets. The trainings are conducted by NSE in their regional offices all across the country with experts from QuantInsti invited to share their trading experiences and knowledge. These two days training programs cost about Rs. 20,000 inclusive of tuition and presentation material. In the last 2 years, QuantInsti has conducted four separate MDP sessions for NSE – discussing next generation trading strategies, technological and quantitative building blocks of algorithmic trading, risk management.

About QuantInsti: Launched in 2010, QuantInsti (QI) is a globally unique concept of practical education on algorithmic trading by industry professionals. The core offering of QI is EPAT (Executive Programme in Algorithmic Trading). EPAT is a 6-month (100 contact hours) online as well as in class course conducted on the weekends. Participants also do a project on a live-industry topic after the course work. The course is broadly divided into three segments: (I) Advanced Statistics, (ii) Quant Strategies and (iii) Financial Computing and Technology. QuantInsti has an active alumni base of over 250+ certified participants and 1000+ professionals globally trained across various seminars & conferences. QuantInsti has designed educational modules for exchanges across South and South East Asia; and for financial institutions in Asia, etc. QuantInsti faculty are frequently invited to provide their perspectives at conferences and seminars on algorithmic and high frequency trading across Asia, Europe and America. QuantInsti is also the sales and marketing partner for Paul Wilmott’s CQF in India and Professor Moorad Chaudhary’s BTRM in Asia Pacific.

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