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Short selling in the bull market | Masterclass

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About the Event

If the markets are failing, can you profit from them? In this 120 minute comprehensive MASTERCLASS, Laurent Bernut explains everything that you would need to know about Short Selling in the Bull market, with a practical and completely hands-on approach. Completely FREE for all attendees!

About the Speaker

Laurent Bernut (CEO, Alpha Secure Capital)

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Laurent has over 18 years of experience in alternative investment space at Fidelity Investments, Rockhampton, and Ward Ferry. For over 8 years at Fidelity, he has worked as a dedicated short seller in one of the longest bear markets in modern history: Japanese equities.

About Algo Trading Week 2021

As we celebrate our 11th anniversary at QuantInsti, we are starting off with a new tradition - Algo Trading Week. We will be joined by industry leaders where they share their experience and words of wisdom through various educational sessions.

This will be a great learning opportunity for the aspiring algo traders and quantitative trading community. It’s your chance to connect with your favourite experts and get answers to all your questions for absolutely free.

The event was conducted on:
Sunday, September 26, 2021
12:00 AM ET | 9:30 AM IST | 12:00 PM SGT

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