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[WEBINAR] Volatility Trading Strategies Using Options by Dr Euan Sinclair

Discover the secrets of successful options trading using volatility. Learn strategies, quantitative methods, and option pricing from Dr Euan Sinclair. Register today!...
1 min read

With no prior knowledge of coding, CA Sagar Doshi learned Algo Trading!

Sagar Doshi, a Chartered Accountant from India who works for one of the largest global conglomerates, enrolled in the EPAT programme to learn about algo trading. Read how Sagar's passion for learning new ideas and honing his skills helped him get a kickstart in the world of algo trading....
4 min read

Neural Network In Python: Types, Structure And Trading Strategies

What is a neural network and how does it work? How can you create a neural network with the famous Python programming language? In this tutorial, learn the concept of neural networks, their work, and their applications along with Python in trading....
19 min read

How to install Python Packages?

Learn all about installing Python packages and resolving frequent issues which programmers face during package installation with this comprehensive blog. You will learn about Pip install, dir() function and PyPi....
11 min read

Machine Learning Regression

Machine Learning regression is a useful concept in trading. Regression is known to help with the forecasting of stock prices in the trading domain. Find out the basics of Machine Learning followed by how Machine Learning regression can be applied to your trading journey with this informative blog!...
10 min read

Portfolio Analysis: Calculating Risk and Returns, Strategies and More

Portfolio analysis is an important part of the trading journey as the trader needs to analyse the expected risks on expected returns before making the investment decisions. With this informative blog, get to learn all about portfolio analysis and the associated calculations!...
12 min read

Introduction to Medium-Frequency Trading: Trading in Milliseconds | Webinar

Discover the world of Medium-Frequency Trading in our webinar. Learn about the key concepts, strategies, benefits, and challenges of this advanced trading style, along with the role of technology and data analysis....
1 min read

Starting with no programming background, Melvin Soon is now an Algo Trader!

Melvin Soon, a chemical engineer with over 5 years of experience pursued the EPAT course to learn algo trading. Read how Melvin’s zeal for learning new concepts and developing his skills has helped him throughout his career....
4 min read

Options Trading Strategies: 15 Most Popular Strategies

In order to utilise the flexibility and power that options trading brings to the traders, there are some options trading strategies to explore. Find out the most popular options trading strategies with this interesting blog....
8 min read

Algo Trading with ChatGPT

Explore the world of algorithmic trading with ChatGPT. Learn how to use this AI technology to make informed investment decisions and stay ahead of the game. Start your algorithmic trading journey today!...
18 min read