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[FREE WEBINAR] Common Mistakes Made by Traders

Join our webinar to uncover top trading errors and learn strategies to avoid them. Perfect for aspiring traders looking to enhance their skills. Sign up now!...
1 min read

Stock Market Math: Essential Concepts for Algorithmic Trading

Find out the essential stock market maths concepts crucial for algorithmic trading. This guide simplifies complex mathematical topics, such as probability, calculus, linear regression and much more!...
26 min read

The Boruta-Shap Algorithm: A CPU and GPU version

Looking for a quicker way to compute the Boruta-Shap algorithm? Don’t miss the opportunity to find it here! Learn how to code it in Python using a brand-independent GPU!...
5 min read

Recursive Functions in Python: Concepts, Types, and Applications in Trading

Get to know the power of recursive functions in Python with this comprehensive guide. Learn how to define, call, and implement recursive functions effectively with examples and explanations....
15 min read

[FREE WEBINAR] Exploring Options Volatility: Key Properties, Trading Strategies & Backtesting

Join us for a discussion on key properties of implied volatility (IV) crucial for trading. Explore mean reversion in IV, volatility skew, and strategies for trading with a volatility outlook. Save your spot now!...
1 min read

Forward Propagation In Neural Networks: Components and Applications

Find out the intricacies of forward propagation in neural networks, including its components and applications, in this comprehensive blog. Gain a deeper understanding of this fundamental technique for clearer insights into neural network operations....
22 min read

Open Interest in Options Trading

If you’ve ever wondered about the significance of open interest in options trading, then this blog is for you. Learn how open interest affects market sentiment, identifies trends, and guides trading strategies....
12 min read

Algorithmic Trading with Python: Integrating with Various Brokers and Platforms | Webinar

A FREE webinar to learn to integrate brokers and platforms in Algo Trading using Python. We explore Interactive Brokers, TradingView, MT5, and Amibroker to access market data, automate your strategies and execute trades....
1 min read

Automated Forex Trading: A Step-by-Step Guide

Automated forex trading provides improved trade execution, emotion-free trading, and the ability to backtest strategies effectively. Find out how to grow with this blog that covers the intricacies of automated forex trading....
9 min read

The Triple Barrier Method: A Python GPU-based computation

The triple-barrier method in a couple of seconds? Once you handle huge amounts of data and want to use the triple barrier method, you’ll go All in with this GPU-based code!...
8 min read