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Career Development - Jobs In Algorithmic/HFT Trading

3 min read
Career Advice from iRage’s Head of technology, Mr. Sunith Reddy & Director of Master Trust, Mr. Puneet Singhania


  • Different types of roles and jobs in the Quant/Algo trading space
  • What are the skill sets required to become an Algo trader?
  • What does a quant developer do?
  • How to get hired as a developer in an HFT firm?
  • What are the questions asked in an interview for a Quant/trader role?
  • Points to keep in mind while building your team for your Algo trading desk.

This webinar offers a unique chance for attendees to interact with a team of Quants & HFT developers on a one-to-one level and ask career-related queries you might have.

Share your career-related questions and we will try our best to take them up in the webinar!

Panel of Speakers

Sunith Reddy

Head of Technology – iRageCapital Broking, Mumbai (a leading HFT firm in Asia)

Sunith is an expert in the fields of evolutionary algorithms and unconventional models of computing. During his bachelors program in Computer Science at IIT Madras, Sunith was involved with some path breaking research in protein computing and dna computing. His work has been presented at ‘Symposium of Unconventional Models of Computing’.

He then went on to work with Yahoo R&D where he designed some really large scalable platforms. He also has two patent applications pending.

Puneet Singhania

Director – Master Trust, a leading Brokerage house in India

Mr. Puneet Singhania M.B.A., C.F.A. serves as a Whole Time Director of Master Capital Services Limited. Mr. Singhania is involved in new initiatives in the group and assists other Directors in corporate strategy..serves as a Whole Time Director of Master Capital Services Limited. Mr. Singhania is involved in new initiatives in the group and assists other Directors in corporate strategy.

Prior to joining Master Trust Limited, he was working with ING Investment Management in India in their equity fund management department.

 Gopinath Ramkumar

Market Risk Quant – Leading Bank, Poland

Gopinath Ramkumar is data analyst with vast experience in different domains including IT sector and Algorithmic Trading. A trained engineer, Gopinath started his career as a software engineer before joining Manchester Business School for a degree in Computational Finance. While in the UK, he started pursuing his certification in Algorithmic Trading with QuantInsti. On the successful completion of EPAT™, with the assistance of QuantInsti’s placement team, Gopinath join Motilal Oswal, which has its Algorithmic trading prop desk in India.

A quant analyst Gopinath has been contributing to different sectors and fields with his quantitative knowledge and background.


Who should attend?

This webinar will be very beneficial for the job seekers in high frequency trading jobs, Quant Jobs, and algorithmic trading jobs. The session will be ideal for:

  • Job seekers in Algo/Quant/HFT domain
  • Entrepreneurs who are building their teams for Algo/HFT desks
  • Existing Algo/quant traders and developers who are looking for professional growth Quant Analysts

About iRageCapital

iRageCapital leverages its strengths in technology and quantitative finance to design cutting edge high-frequency trading systems and strategies. The introduction of DMA in the Indian markets in 2008 opened a multitude of possibilities within the domain of algorithmic trading in India. iRageCapital was formed by quantitative trading professionals in 2009 to explore possibilities within this domain.


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