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Trading Alpha: Developing A Micro-Alpha Generating System | Webinar

1 min read

About the Session

This session introduces you to the skill of trading Alphas by identifying various micro-alpha opportunities. It covers various micro-alpha strategies, the process of parameter optimisation, and how to develop a trading system.


  • Introduction to Trading Alphas
  • Concept of Micro-Alpha
  • Process of Parameter Permutation
  • Various Micro-Alpha Strategies
  • Types of Alphas
  • Interactive Q&A

Speaker Profiles

Dr. Thomas Starke (CEO, AAAQuants)

Dr Starke has a PhD in Physics and currently leads the quant-trading team in one of the leading prop-trading firms in Australia, AAAQuants, as its CEO. He has also held the senior research fellow position at Oxford University.

Rushda Ansari (Technical Content Manager, QuantInsti)

Rushda is a Technical Content Manager who works in the Quantra Research & Content team at QuantInsti. Her educational background includes a post graduate diploma in financial management. Moreover, she also has hands-on experience when it comes to trading in equities.

This webinar was conducted on:
Friday, November 18, 2022
6:00 AM ET | 4:30 PM IST | 7:00 PM SGT

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