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Education in financial markets: Structured approach & emerging trends | Panel Discussion

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A panel of industry leaders discussing the evolving trading domain and its challenges and how new-age learning platforms are empowering the next generation of traders.


Andreas Clenow
Andreas Clenow (Zurich, Switzerland)

Chief Investment Officer at ACIES Asset Management. Experienced hedge funder, entrepreneur & novelist.

Binni Ong
Binni Ong (Singapore)

SGX Academy Trainer. 15 years in FX and equities trading and training.

Karthik Rangappa
Karthik Rangappa (Bengaluru, India)

VP - Education Services at Zerodha. Two decades of experience in Indian capital markets.

Vivek Bajaj
Vivek Bajaj (Kolkata, India)

Co-Founder at StockEdge, elearnmarkets & QuantInsti. Serial entrepreneur, investor & mentor.

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This event was conducted on 20 Sep 2022 at 10:30 AM EDT (8:00 PM IST).

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