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Backtesting And Live Trading With Interactive Brokers Using Python

1 min read


9:00 AM ET | 7:30 PM IST | 10:00 PM SGT

Session Outline:

  • IBridgePy installation
  • A simple algorithmic trading strategy, daily close reverse
  • Go through the code and basic functions used in this strategy
  • Backtesting a strategy using historical data from IB in IBridgePy
  • Backtesting a strategy using historical data from local csv file
  • How to live trade a strategy
  • Place orders to multiple accounts
  • Analyze trading results from a strategy

And so much more...

Speaker Profile:

Dr. Hui Liu - Faculty, Executive Programme in Algorithmic Trading by QuantInsti

He is the author of IBridgePy (open-sourced software to trade with Interactive Brokers) and founder of Running River Investment LLC. His major trading interests are US equities and Forex market. Running River Investment LLC is a private hedge fund specialized in the development of automated trading strategies using Python.

He obtained his bachelor degree and master degree in materials science and engineering from Tsinghua University, China and Ph.D from University of Virginia, U.S.A. His MBA was from Indiana University, U.S.A and his study interest at Indiana was quantitative analysis.

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