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IBridgePy’s Latest Backtesting Features By Dr. Hui Liu

1 min read

A session on 'IBridgePy’s Latest Backtesting Features' was exclusively held for EPATians and was conducted by Dr. Hui Liu.

Key Takeaways from the Session

  • IBridgePy's cornerstone functions.
  • Basic steps to build a trading strategy.
  • Backtest strategies using IB's historical data.
  • Backtest strategies using historical data supplied by user.
  • Analyze backtest results.

About the Speaker

Dr. Hui Liu is the author of IbridgePy (open-sourced software to trade with Interactive Brokers) and founder of Running River Investment LLC. His major trading interests are US equities and Forex market. Running River Investment LLC is a private hedge fund specialized in the development of automated trading strategies using Python.

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