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How to use Python for Trading and Investment | Webinar

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Access the Python Notebook here.

About the Session

This webinar aims at introducing you to the basics of Python programming from a financial markets’ point of view. It’s a must-attend session for traders and investors who are looking to leverage programming and technology to take their current trading approach to the next level.

Session Outline

  • Python environment and libraries
  • Building a trading strategy with python
  • Backtesting the strategy on historical data
  • Implementing the strategy in live market
  • Analysing the performance of the strategy
  • Q&A

About the Speaker

Satyapriya Chaudhari

Satyapriya Chaudhari

Quant Analyst, QuantInsti

Satyapriya works as a Quant Analyst with the content team at Quantra by QuantInsti. Prior to this, she was part of the learning team at GreyAtom and the Risk Management team at Quattro. Her primary focus areas are Python, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing.

This session was conducted on
Tuesday, June 29, 2021
9:30 AM ET | 7:00 PM IST | 9:30 PM SGT

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