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Quantitative Data Analysis Of Cryptocurrencies | Webinar

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About the Session

There has been a lot of buzz about crypto these days. If the chatter has got you curious, keep reading.

In this webinar, the speaker will,

  • Explore what cryptocurrencies are,
  • Touch upon the top cryptocurrencies these days,
  • How and where to fetch the data for cryptocurrencies, and
  • Where you can trade cryptocurrencies

She will also analyze historical crypto data and look at different types of crypto trading strategies.


Udisha Alok (Quant Researcher at QuantInsti)

Udisha Alok (Quant Researcher at QuantInsti)

Udisha works as a Quant Researcher at QuantInsti. Prior to this, she has worked as a software developer with leading tech companies. She is passionate about coding and the financial markets. Her professional areas of interest are to use machine learning techniques in backtesting and live trading.

She has written articles on Blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple. As you can probably tell, she can’t get enough of them cryptocurrencies!

This event was conducted on:
Thursday, February 24, 2022
8:30 AM ET | 7:00 PM IST | 9:30 PM SGT

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