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Short Selling in Current Markets by Laurent Bernut | Webinar

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Complete Recording

Check out the complete recording of the webinar here:

About the Session

This was a practical session of 2 hours with complete screening tool, enabling participants to understand these concepts better. The attendees got the opportunity to get their questions answered directly by Laurent.

Session Overview

In this webinar, Laurent spoke about:

Floor/Ceiling: a simple framework to navigate all markets:

  • How it works
  • The swings & regime
  • Relative vs absolute series with examples from S&P, TPX500
  • Timeframes congruence

State of the world YTD:

  • Which markets sunk into bearish territory
  • How the bear market rally was inevitable: how to play it, why it surprised

The "new normal": the world after the stimulus:

  • "Don't fight the Fed": moral hazard has shifted from investment bankers to central bankers
  • State of the world across markets: who's bullish/bearish?
  • How to navigate the market regimes calmly going forward?

About the Speaker

Mr. Laurent Bernut (CEO, Alpha Secure Capital)
Mr. Bernut has over 18 years of experience in alternative investment space at Fidelity Investments, Rockhampton, and Ward Ferry. For over 8 years at Fidelity, he has worked as a dedicated short seller in one of the longest bear markets in modern history: Japanese equities.

This session was conducted on:
Thursday, 25 June 2020
05:30 PM PM IST | 08:00 AM EDT | 12:00 PM GMT

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