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Why, What and How of Short Selling with Laurent Bernut

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Why should you attend this webinar?

If you want to be in the Long/Short business, you need to learn to sell short. There is an ample supply of people who like to go Long, but those who can really go short are few and far in between and in very high demand in the hedge fund world. A low volatility, uncorrelated long-short portfolio is built from the short side up. This webinar will take you through why, what and how of short selling. The two major sticking points are idea generation and risk. In this webinar, you will learn a methodology that consistently generates high probability ideas on both sides of the book and know exactly how much capital you can afford to risk.

Speaker Profile

Mr. Laurent Bernut, CEO at Alpha Secure Capital

Mr. Bernut has over 18 years of experience in alternative investment space at Fidelity Investments, Rockhampton, and Ward Ferry. For over 8 years at Fidelity, he has worked as a dedicated short seller in one of the longest bear markets in modern history: Japanese equities.

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