Statistics, Data Analysis to Algorithmic Trading | The journey of Kalpesh

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Being fearless is the key to success! Dedicating 7+ years of his life as a successful Data Analyst for one of the biggest IT companies in India, TCS, Kalpesh successfully transcended the domain of Algorithmic Trading with EPAT.

Kalpesh has a Graduation degree specializing in Mathematics, and a Master’s degree in Applied Statistics. Armed with the will and skill to overcome anything, he started his journey to become a successful Algorithmic Trader with EPAT. We connected with Kalpesh, and below is how the discussion went.

Hi Kalpesh, tell us about yourself!

Hello, I’m Kalpesh Ramoliya. I work for a Switzerland-based company, as a Quantitative Developer and have previously worked at TCS as a Data Analyst.

However, I wanted to make a career that I loved, a career that involved Maths and Statistics. Later, I changed my domain to Algorithmic Trading.

Since childhood, I have always been interested in Mathematics which led me to pursue a Graduation in Mathematics. Following this, I did my Masters in Applied Statistics, where I learned about plenty of Statistical Techniques based on Real-world scenarios.

Apart from working I truly enjoy trekking, especially in the monsoons. I also love to explore the beauty of hill stations.

How did your story go from a Masters in Applied Statistics to Algorithmic Trading?

After my Masters, I started working with TCS as a Data Analyst. My job role involved using many Statistical techniques, Programming, and building Predictive models for television rating points and click-through rates. I worked there for more than 7 years.

I started trading manually with the help of a few online stock market-related articles. However, this resulted in a few losses for me.

One of my colleagues from TCS suggested Automating the Trades. But, I was completely unaware of the concept because in manual trading one has to make buy or sell decisions. I was also unaware of the techniques and methods of application that you could be used for trading.

Now, this was a completely new area for me to explore. This caught my attention, and I made another best decision of my life, about changing my domain and trying out Algorithmic Trading.

This got me started on searching for guidance on this and thus started my new journey. It was then that my friends introduced me to QuantInsti & EPAT citing good reviews and experiences.

Was adapting to the field of Finance and Trading challenging for you?

I researched and found the curriculum, the syllabus, and features to be very interesting. And thus, I enrolled myself in EPAT. At EPAT, I gained the basics to the advanced knowledge of the Stock Market, how it works, as well as applications.

I enrolled for EPAT in 2019. Mathematical and Statistical concepts were easy to grasp as I have an educational background in the same. Fundamentals and in-depth concepts of the Financial and Stock market were also easy to understand.

Whenever I struggled while coding or understanding any concept, I had the liberty to get connected to my faculties and get access to QuantInsti’s alumni community and sources. It took me about 6 -7 months to get handy on Python but now I can easily code my strategies in Python.

But this is not the best part of being an EPATian.

The best part is that even today I can get access to all the learning material, sources, and the community. I still use these liberties. All I have to do is ask my questions and I get quick responses.

I find EPAT unique in different ways. Just to share a few that I like the most:

  • Diversity - Students across the world. I can see that EPAT has students from across the world and not just from India. So I get to connect with them, share my ideas, get opinions, and discuss topics with people from different continents.
  • Content - Variety of courses for beginners to Experts, structured content, lifelong access to the course content, and their Alumni community
  • Job opportunities - You can get the opportunity to work with industry leaders. I got myself a great opportunity to work with a European Hedge Fund company. There is a lot of scope for EPATians.

Today I am very confident and proud to say that I am working for a European Hedge Fund as a Quantitative developer.

I am managing portfolios valued at millions of dollars. My job role revolves around Programming, Application of Statistical Techniques, and Data Analysis.

Your message to all the aspiring Algo Traders out there

I would recommend EPAT to all aspiring students who want to learn about Quantitative Trading and Algorithmic Trading. If you have the dedication and are ready to commit your 100%, then you should definitely think about EPAT.

That was truly inspiring and thank you for sharing your incredible journey with us, Kalpesh. As you said, that one can achieve anything if one has the necessary motivation and persistence. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

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Disclaimer: In order to assist individuals who are considering pursuing a career in algorithmic and quantitative trading, this success story has been collated based on the personal experiences of a student or alumni from QuantInsti’s EPAT programme. Success stories are for illustrative purposes only and are not meant to be used for investment purposes. The results achieved post completion of the EPAT programme may not be uniform for all individuals.

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