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Leveraging Artificial Intelligence To Build Algorithmic Trading Strategies | Webinar

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Complete Recording

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About the Session

Developing robust quantitative trading strategies is an intensive, rigorous, time-consuming process with no guarantee for success. In this webinar, you will learn how to apply techniques from the Artificial Intelligence and machine learning fields to improve the quantitative strategy development process and maximize your chances of success with every strategy.

Webinar Outline

This webinar will cover:

  • Overview of artificial intelligence and machine learning and practical applications in trading
  • Best practices and common pitfalls
  • Pattern recognition algorithms
  • Association rule learning
  • Building a live strategy in TRAIDE

What will you learn?

Attendees will learn practical applications that they can apply to their own trading and will come away with a strategy they can actually trade live. Attendees should have a basic understanding of quantitative and algorithmic trading. No programming experience is required.

About the Speaker

Tad Slaff (CEO/Co-founder Inovance)
Tad has 6+ years experience applying machine learning and data science techniques to the financial markets. As the CEO and Co-founder of Inovance, he has made it his mission to make these techniques accessible to a wider audience. He has a degree in Mathematics from the University of Colorado at Boulder and is a registered forex, futures and commodities professional.

About Inovance

Inovance Financial Technologies is a leading developer of quantitative trading software with an emphasis on making artificial intelligence and machine learning more accessible to traders. So far Inovance has helped hundreds of traders create successful strategies.

Inovance’s financial analytics platform, TRAIDE, is an innovative tool for developing robust algorithmic strategies. TRAIDE aids the trader every step of the way, from testing ideas to trading live. Traders select the data they want to analyze, TRAIDE’s algorithms uncover information in that data and present the information on an interactive dashboard where traders can build simple and intuitive rules for their strategies. Inovance also manages its own quantitative funds.

If you’re a retail trader or a tech professional looking to start your own automated trading desk, start learning algo trading today! Begin with basic concepts like automated trading architecture, market microstructure, strategy backtesting system and order management system. You can also check out this algo trading course.

This event was conducted on:
Tuesday, March 22, 2016
05:00 PM GMT | 01:00 PM EST | 10:30 PM IST

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