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Algorithmic Trading - Why make the move?

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9:00 AM ET | 07:30 PM IST | 10:00 PM SGT

Session Outline

If you are a trader or investor in the financial markets, you're probably aware that the investing landscape has undergone a sea change in the last 10-15 years.

At the heart of it, is the use of quantitative techniques in making buying and selling decisions in the markets. Often, we hear from our community that they want to learn more about these new-age tools and harness them to improve returns on their investments.

  • Current trading and investing landscape: How things have shaped up for traders in the last two decades
  • Issues faced by manual/discretionary traders
  • Limitations in the traditional analysis methods (Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis)
  • Add a quantitative analysis dimension to your existing trading style
  • Q and A

Who Should Attend?

  • Discretionary/manual traders (ex. professional traders, part-time traders) who are looking to upskill and get better returns
  • Technology professionals, who want to leverage their technical skills to invest wisely in the financial markets
  • Students and other enthusiasts who wish to make a career in quantitative finance

Speaker Profiles


Vivek Krishnamoorthy

Head of Content & Research at QuantInsti
Vivek teaches Python for data analysis, building quant strategies and time series analysis to our students across the world. He comes with over a decade of experience across India, Singapore and Canada in industry, academia and research. He has a Bachelors' in Electronics & Telecom Engineering from VESIT (Mumbai University), an MBA from NTU Singapore and a Graduate Certificate in Public Policy from The Takshashila Institution.


Ashutosh Dave

Senior Associate, Content & Research at QuantInsti
Apart from contributing to the overall content development for our flagship programme EPAT, Ashutosh also looks after the Outreach activities at QuantInsti. He has worked as a derivatives trader specializing in trading interest rates and commodities with a prop firm in London for several years before joining QuantInsti. He holds a Masters in Statistics with distinction from the London School of Economics (LSE) and is a Certified FRM (GARP).


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