QuantInsti At IIT Bombay's E-Summit 2015

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QuantInsti at IIT Bombay

Date: 31st January - 1st February 2015

QuantInsti was the Algo Trading Partner for the Entrepreneurship Summit 2015 and conducted two workshops on Algorithmic Trading which were aimed at introducing the concepts of Algorithmic Trading to the audience. The session provided practical insights into aspects of system architecture & latency, standardized protocols, trading strategy design methodologies for HFT, and new developments/tools in this domain. With this workshop, more students now have knowledge about this growing domain.

QuantInsti at IIT Bombay

How to start your own Quantitative Trading desk

With the financial markets in emerging markets rapidly evolving like developed markets; a disruptive change in the emerging markets’ landscape is foreseen, wherein exchange volumes to the tune of 70% and above will be generated by Algorithmic Trading. QuantInsti aims to fulfil the pressing demands for highly specialized skill sets of this lucrative domain.

QuantInsti at IIT Bombay

Careers in Finance for Technology Graduates

Technology and algorithmic trading are today more closely linked than they have ever been. In this context, all the algorithmic trading firms have been increasingly focusing on acquiring new technologies or developing them. This session gave a brief overview of the architecture of an algorithmic trading system, followed by some of the latest innovations. Insight was given into the different technology-related verticals in an algorithmic trading setup and some example career paths.


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