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Introduction to Machine Learning for Quantitative Finance | Webinar

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Thursday 15th June, 8:30 PM IST | 8:00 AM PST | 11:00 AM EST

Introduction to Machine Learning

Everyone is talking about Machine learning these days. This exciting webinar on Machine Learning will take you through the basics of machine learning, it will cover the cool features of the Quantiacs toolkit, and illustrate how to create and test machine learning strategies using Quantiacs.

Session Outline

  • An Overview of Machine Learning
  • The Machine Learning Process
  • Various Features of Quantiacs toolkit
  • Applying Machine Learning to Futures Data Using Quantiacs
  • Discussing Results
  • Machine Learning Tips and Pitfalls
  • Questions and Answers


Eric Hamer

Chief Technology Officer – Quantiacs

Eric Hamer is a serial entrepreneur with degrees in Physics and Computer Science. Eric’s experience includes Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, and Python programming. Before joining Quantiacs, Eric was the founding CTO at NetInformer, a mobile media company whose customers included Major League Baseball, the NCAA, and Verizon Wireless. Prior to NetInformer, Eric worked at Keynote Systems where he invented their patented Transactive Perspective which measured, and monitored, the performance of the Internet.

Who should attend?

  • Python programmers interested in machine learning
  • Traders/quants/analysts interested in machine learning
  • Futures traders
  • Students and academics
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