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Classification of Quantitative Trading Strategies

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Classification of quantitative trading strategies webinar ppt from QuantInsti

About the Session

There exist thousands of academic research papers written on trading strategies. Learn what these academics found out and how we can use their knowledge in the trading world.

Who should attend?

  • Practitioners (traders/quants/analysts and fund managers).
  • Theoreticians (students and academics) interested in quantitative trading research ideas.

Session Outline

  • Introduction to ‘Quantpedia & QuantInsti®’
  • Overview of research in a field of quantitative trading
  • Taxonomy of quantitative trading strategies
  • Where to look for unique alpha
  • Examples of lesser-known trading strategies
  • Common issues in quant research
  • Questions and Answers

About the Speaker

Radovan Vojtko
(CEO and Head of Research at Quantpedia.com)

Radovan Vojtko completed MSc in Telecommunication from the Slovak University of Technology. Soon after he discovered his real passion for finance and started working for the biggest asset management company in the Slovak Republic (Tatra Asset Management). He moved up the corporate ladder to become a Portfolio Manager and spent 5 years managing over 300+mln EUR in several quantitative funds (focused on multi-asset CTA/trend-following strategies, market timing, and volatility trading).

He made his next big step in 2015 and became CEO of Quantpedia.com – a quant research company with a mission of turning financial academic research into a more user-friendly form to help anyone who seeks new quantitative trading strategy ideas.

This webinar was conducted on
Tuesday 11th July
7:00 PM IST | 9:30 AM EST | 9:30 PM SGT

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