QuantInsti At Princeton UChicago Conference

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Rajib Ranjan Borah at Princeton UChicago Conference

 About the Event

Co-founder & faculty of QuantInsti, Mr. Rajib Ranjan Borah, was one of the 18 individual speakers at the 4th Princeton-UChicago Quant Trading Conference organized at Chicago.

Speakers and panelists included CEOs and heads of trading at quant trading firms like Citadel, Getco(KCG), Optiver, Susquehanna, J.P.Morgan, TransMarketGroup, Sun Trading, Allstone, Akuna Capital, etc; CEOs of financial technology providers like RavenPack, TickSmith, Deltix; and the Federal Reserve Bank amongst others.


Rajib spoke on the topic "Quantitative News Trading: is it the next big thing in algorithmic trading?" exploring the science behind quantification of news articles, and profitability of various news analytics based trading strategies.


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