Sentiment Trading

There are two ways to automate sentiment trading: using news and social media or using market actions. Get free downloadable codes and strategies to get started.

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Top 7 Blogs on Sentiment Trading | 2023

Welcome to the captivating world of sentiment trading. This list of the Top Blogs provides actionable guidance on harnessing sentiments for the best possible outcomes!...
4 min read

VADER Sentiment Analysis: A Complete Guide, Algo Trading and More

VADER helps us to decode and quantify the emotions contained in media such as text, audio or video. Learn how to implement VADER sentiment analysis in your trading strategy....
9 min read

Step By Step Guide To Natural Language Processing (NLP) In Trading

This blog is a step by step guide about how one can use NLP or Natural Language Processing in Trading. It covers the basic structure from a traders perspective....
4 min read

Sentiment Trading

Trading China A-Share Stocks Based On Social Media Data Analysis In Python

In this article, we will understand how natural language processing, sentiment analysis and social media play a role in the share markets with the help of Python. This would be explained with respect to the trading in China markets A-share stocks....
4 min read

Detecting Bots On Twitter Using Botometer

In this blog, we will learn what bots are and how they can skew the sentiment analysis used in your trading strategy, along with a strategy to identify bots.....
5 min read

Crowdsourced Sentiment Analysis Trading Strategy

This article explores a simple Crowdsourced sentiment analysis trading strategy based on a sentiment indicator bar provided by a financial news portal....
3 min read

Sentiment Trading Indicators and Strategy – Part 2

This article explains how to use CBOE Volatility Index (VIX), Margin debt, and Mutual Fund cash position as sentiment indicators for trading in markets....
8 min read

Sentiment Trading Strategy and Indicators – Part 1

This article talks about TRIN and Put/Call Ratio that are Sentiment trading indicators and the strategies based on these indicators....
8 min read

Quantified News Analytics: Profitability vs Pitfalls

This blog post and infographic describes the profitable avenues and pitfalls for quantitative news analytics or as its also called, sentiment analysis....
2 min read

Application of Sentiment Analysis in Trading: Where it works?

The following slide show is a summary of favourable and profitable outcomes of sentiment analysis, or news analytics, in trading....
1 min read

Sentiment Analysis In Trading Using R - Working Model

In this post we discuss sentiment analysis in brief and then present a basic sentiment analysis model in R. Sentiment analysis is the analysis of the feelings (i.e. attitudes, emotions and opinions)....
6 min read

Methodology of Quantifying News for Automated Trading

News based automated trading is the technique to trade stocks, currencies, options & futures based on quantified news data in the financial markets....
2 min read