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How To Gain A Real-Time Trading Edge With Order Flow Sequence Analysis

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NOFT Webinar August 2016 8

Date: Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Time: 12:00 PM EST | 9:00 AM PST | 9:30 PM IST

Why you can’t afford to miss this training

Are you backtesting 200+ static parameters, hoping to create a single ‘holy grail’ automated formula that works in all market conditions? Even if you do create a formula that makes $20,000+ for few months, rest assured: as soon as the institutions, and High Frequency Trading Algorithms catch on to what you’re doing, it will no longer work.

If you want a real trading edge, you MUST understand how the institutions — who create and control up to 90% of the volume in your markets — impact the value and structure of the market on every trade you make.

This webinar will show you

  • How to step back and understand the REAL-TIME structure and valuation of markets like institutional traders do
  • The best way to formulate real-time Order Flow Sequence game plans and strategies for Futures, Stocks and even Forex
  • What trading ideas are working right now (and which ones never will)
  • How to avoid ‘paralysis by analysis’ that keeps you second-guessing
  • Why you can’t ‘code the market’ if you want to make serious money from your analysis
  • Why your analysis must include real-time institutional buyer / seller aggression
  • How real-time Order Flow Sequence Analysis consistently finds low risk / high reward trading ideas to give you the edge you’ve always wanted

Speaker Bio

Troy Epperson 450x450Troy Epperson, NOFT-Traders.com

Troy Epperson leads How to Gain A Real-Time Trading Edge With Order Flow Sequence Analysis. A 15-year Wall Street veteran, Troy was the head trader for a renowned hedge fund and prop firm in the United States. He trades full time using the same Institutional Order Flow Sequence Tracking Analysis and tools he teaches to his students at NOFT-Traders.com

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Our newest addition is our Forex Alpha program. It’s the only institution-grade currency analytics suite online to help Forex traders see the aggressive institutional buyers & sellers of any pair — inside every candle on your chart!

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