How Can Algorithmic Trading Add Value To Finance & Tech Grads?

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How Can Algorithmic Trading Add Value To Traditional Traders

Are you a full-time trader or simply passionate about it and pursue it beside your career? In either case, automating your tasks can prove to be a boon. Since a discretionary trader has the knowledge of the markets; it is easier for him to decide the logical make-up for the algorithm.

Say, the trader is keen on pairs trading, studying the complimentary long and short positions in different stocks or options is not a skill to be acquired. The trader is already aware of the comparative market or historical study. The trader is also aware of how to go about developing analytical strategies. Empowered by machine learning, the same person can automate the process of buying and selling. This minimises missing stances, change in stock prices governing the change in the relative positions.

Rohit Gupta

Rohit Gupta after being a trader exposed to China/HK market along with Currency/Commodities markets opted for Executive Programme in Algorithmic Trading - EPAT® (EPAT™), an algo trading course by QuantInsti. He is also an MBA from The Chinese University of Hong Kong and has a good exposure in Capitals markets. After successfully completing the course and getting placed by QuantInsti® Rohit shared his experience with us.


What background do you come from?

I started my career at Wells Fargo India in the Asset-backed finance team that supports the Structured Finance, Securitisation, and Sales & Trading functions. Here, after getting exposed to Capital markets, Money market securities which included T-bills and fixed income bonds, I started to develop an interest in the fixed income markets and began following the US bond market very closely.

I decided to switch to a trading firm which deals with the international markets and secured a coveted job at Futures First Bangalore. I was trading Fixed income markets which involved Eurodollar Futures and US Treasuries.

Post my MBA in Finance from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, I started working at Hedgestone Capital as a trader exposed to China/HK market along with Currency/Commodities markets.

How did you get to know about QuantInsti®? How has been your experience so far?

I was looking for the Algorithmic trading course online and came across QuantInsti®’s EPAT™ programme. I had gone through the course description (EPAT™) carefully and discussed with some of the senior traders in this field. They suggested me to take this course. My experience in EPAT™ was amazing as it proved out to be a very positive turning point in my career. I had zero experience in coding/quant and after the course, I am confident in writing trading strategies in R, Python, Matlab and also able to understand some Machine learning algorithms. Listening to the esteemed Faculties at QuantInsti® has definitely given me an edge in this industry. I have transformed from fundamental to a Quantimental trader. I am also really thankful to the support team at QuantInsti® as they were very quick in responding to any difficulties/queries that I had during my entire EPAT course.

What do you think about EPAT™ and how did it add value to your career?

I think EPAT™ by QuantInsti® is currently one of the best courses in Algorithmic trading in the world. The way the course has been designed and the vastly experienced faculty they have on board makes EPAT™ one of the best in the world.

Also, the LMS (online learning platform) is super user-friendly and allows you to connect to your batchmates from across the globe. EPAT™ has added a lot of value to my career as it has added a new quantitative dimension to my existing skill-set which was mostly fundamental. Listening to the faculties not only helped me to gain a stronghold in Quantitative domain but also gave me a distinctive approach to analyze financial markets.

What do you have to say about the placement opportunities provided by QuantInsti®?

The placement team at QuantInsti® is very instrumental in bringing the best roles in the industry not only from India but also from across the APAC region. The great part about the roles offered by the placement team at QuantInsti® is that it targets the whole spectrum of experiences. Even if you are starting in this field they find the right opportunity for you. I got my new job through QuantInsti®’s placement team and throughout the process, they were very responsive to my queries and allowed me to interview with some of the best firms in APAC region.

Would you recommend QuantInsti® to others who wish to pursue a career in Algo trading?

Yes, I would definitely recommend the EPAT™ course especially to them who are serious about getting into Algorithmic trading.

Takeaways from Rohit for Aspiring Quants?

In his conversation with us, Rohit highlighted key benefits of learning algo-trading after coming from a price action trading background. He speaks about his keen desire to learn machine languages to master his trade and the sufficiency of the course in catering to his requirement. The program connected him to many like-minded people, fellow traders like himself and industry veterans. He now belongs to a community that is a constant source of knowledge and learning.

Shoutout to other aspiring Quants out there!

Do share your comments and experiences as an Algo trader/Quant. We would love to hear about your inspiring career journey!

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