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We are a team of traders, coders, quants and learners who love to teach! Over the years, as part of our knowledge sharing initiatives in the field of algorithmic and quantitative trading, we have talked to individuals who hail from all walks of life and gained valuable insights into their perception of the domain of algo trading.

QuantInsti provides innovation and solutions to bridge the gap between finance and technology in the changing phase of the industry. It serves individuals, businesses, exchanges, data providers, brokers and other technology providers to achieve their common goal of excelling in Quant & Algo trading. QuantInsti provides both paid and free offerings to the industry.

This set of Blog Contribution Guidelines will guide you if you wish to contribute to QuantInsti's Blogs via an article.

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These guidelines cover the following:

About QuantInsti’s blogs

At QuantInsti, we educate discretionary traders/investors about algorithmic trading and quantitative trading. Our general and quant blogs are a one-stop-shop for all cutting-edge trading technology updates in the industry.

Why contribute a blog to QuantInsti?

You stand to gain exposure for yourself and for your content to our vast audience from across the globe.

How to contribute a blog to QuantInsti?

If you wish to write an article for QuantInsti, the following are the steps to go about it:

  • Ideation – Have an idea about the type of blog that you would want to write for QuantInsti
  • Outline – List down an outline of the topics, headings and sub-headings that you wish to cover
  • The topic should be unique and not already covered in any other medium.
  • Email – Send us your proposal on using the subject line:
    Guest blog: <Title>
    e.g. Guest blog: Algorithmic Trading
  • We will not be able to reply to all the emails. If you don't receive a reply within a few days that means the topic is rejected due to one or more reasons.
  • Approval / Rejection – This is entirely the decision of QuantInsti to either accept or reject your proposal for writing a blog.

Writing a blog for QuantInsti

If your proposal has been accepted by QuantInsti, you can proceed with writing the content, but before you do that, kindly have a look at the following:

Editorial Process

The following is a flow of the editorial process at QuantInsti:

  • Submit your proposal, and tentative blog outline > QuantInsti Team reviews
  • If the response is yes, the expected outline would be shared with you
  • Submit draft > Review > Feedback shared with you > Implement the changes > Submit draft again > Repeat
  • Drafts are reviewed by experts and might take some time

Blog Categories

QuantInsti’s blogs are covered in broad categories as listed below, and your article must be sorted under at least one category.

  • Automated Trading
  • Excel & R For Trading
  • Forex & Crypto Trading
  • Machine Learning
  • Maths and Econometrics
  • Mean Reversion & Statistical Arbitrage
  • Momentum Trading
  • More Trading Strategies
  • Options Trading
  • Portfolio & Risk Management
  • Python For Trading
  • Sentiment Trading
  • Technical Indicators

Blog Framework

One must adhere to the following framework while writing blogs. Any format apart from the below mentioned one won’t be considered.

  • Title – The blog title should justify the blog content and should not be misleading
  • Meta description – The meta description should briefly summarise the article within 200 characters.
  • Blog preview images – If there are any blog images/charts in the article, these should be the author’s own creation
  • Internal linking – The writer can provide blogs as suggested reads, or snippets while referencing external articles, and even add relevant videos or resources.
  • External linking – Links to all external sources are to be added, including - reports, images, graphs, downloadable content, references, stats etc.
  • Spam, phishing, advertorial links – Won’t be allowed.

Blog Content

Points for writing blogs:

  • Originality – Original first-hand articles are welcome. They shouldn’t have been published before in any language as text online or offline (including books, articles, blogs, internet) or as audio or video. If done, the details need to be mentioned.
  • Document – A doc file can be used for sharing the content
  • Length – The article has to be comprehensive in nature and should have a length of a minimum of 1500+ words.
  • Formatting – The document must be properly formatted with images, codes, tables, etc.
  • Topic – One must write content based on the topic finalised with the QuantInsti team
  • Language – US/UK English to be followed
  • Facts/Information – Use only the latest numbers, news, etc. from reputable and reliable resources
  • Grammar – Kindly do a thorough grammar check before submitting your draft
  • Tone – The articles should have a neutral tone
  • Readability – A readability score of 60+ is preferable
  • Plagiarism – Plagiarised articles won’t be considered.
  • Self-promotion – One must not indulge in making this article about promoting one’s products or services. Such articles won’t be considered.
  • Embedding – Various elements can be incorporated into our blogs – Tweets, Videos, Podcasts, Github codes, etc. Connect with us to learn more.

Using images and graphics

Images & graphics are to be included in the post as shared by the author in the blog draft.

  • Credits/Attribution – The source to all external images and graphics is to be mentioned.
  • Labelling of images – All images need to be labelled as following eg. iron-condor-options-trading-strategy-returns.png or likewise
  • Alt-text - Alt text is to be added for all the images and graphics.
  • Adding captions – You can add relevant captions to your images
  • Size – optimally sized images, graphics, screenshots, and photographs to be used as and where possible.
  • Using Comic strips, Memes, Gifs, Illustrations is allowed with source and credits.

Using Audio/Video

In case your article makes use of any audio or video file/s:

  • Kindly share the files along with the relevant file names.
  • Mention the source and provide credits where due.
  • Already published videos won’t be published.

The Blog Publishing Process

QuantInsti publishes your final article (which has all the final changes, as shared on email) along with the necessary files and downloads. In case of any concerns, revisions, updates or changes – kindly connect with the QuantInsti team.


All articles must bear the following disclaimer:

Disclaimer: The views, opinions, and information provided within this guest post are those of the author alone and do not represent those of QuantInsti®. The accuracy, completeness, and validity of any statements made or the links shared within this article are not guaranteed. We accept no liability for any errors, omissions or representations. Any liability with regards to infringement of intellectual property rights remains with them.

Author Bio and Photo

The author’s short introduction is preferred. You can mention your name, where you’re based, your designation and your workplace. The latest high-resolution professional attire photograph would also be required.

Content modification

QuantInsti reserves the right to modify or update any information in your article.

What happens once your article is published?

Once your article is published, it is shared across all our followers on Blogs, Social Media channels and other websites.

Republishing content

The submitted article can be used by QuantInsti for:

  • As a snippet on Social Media, emails, etc.
  • In the books published by QuantInsti as a quote
  • In a PR article as a quote
  • Republishing as a new article

Acceptance of Content

Someone from QI approached me for writing a blog - does it guarantee acceptance?

Although QuantInsti might have approached you for writing an article, it DOES NOT guarantee acceptance. Due process is required before any decision is taken at QuantInsti for publishing any article. A written confirmation from a team member at QuantInsti, post all the above-mentioned checks - is compulsory.

Translation to other languages

QuantInsti reserves the right to translate your article into other languages.

Do’s and Don’ts

The content should follow the following do’s and don’ts

  1. It should not compare or promote other courses, promotional links, or be misleading in nature
  2. It should not be derogatory in nature
  3. Offensive or provocative language should not be used
  4. Defamation or use of hate speech is a big NO
  5. Personal attack is not allowed
  6. It should not badmouth QuantInsti’s or any other entity's brand image and reputation, or of any other brand
  7. It should not wrongfully accuse any brand of foul play
  8. Profanity (obscene language, curse/swear words) isn’t allowed
  9. Inappropriate language or content would be removed
  10. It should not instigate, attack, bully, incite violence or hate towards a specific segment, community or group of people
  11. Someone’s private information should not be used or mentioned
  12. Intimate or sexually explicit content or suggestive content, including minors, is not allowed
  13. Illegal content isn’t allowed
  14. False and exaggerated claims – won’t be approved
  15. Sponsored posts, links, programs, codes, contact information, etc. aren’t allowed
  16. It should not assist users in misusing QuantInsti, Quantra or Blueshift’s information in any way
  17. One must not impersonate, manipulate, mislead or create deceptive content or profiles
  18. If your content interferes with the smooth functioning of the website by introducing malicious code, QuantInsti would be compelled to take action
  19. It should not cheat or engage the readers in manipulating the shared content
  20. It should not provide links to executable files, third-party download sites, and links or malicious software
  21. It should not advertise commercial products and services
  22. It should not talk about unrelated topics
  23. It should not harass, insult, taunt, provoke, demean or personally attack fellow writers, users or individuals.
  24. It should not lead to any other suspicious activity
  25. If an article has been removed – and if it is shared again by the same user or a different user, the article won’t be considered


Terminologies to be wary of when using in content (but not limited to):

  • Cryptocurrency/Bitcoins
  • Profits
  • Binary trading
  • Money making
  • Tips
  • Insider trading
  • Front running
  • Dabba trading
  • Market manipulation
  • Betting
  • Guaranteed returns
  • Guaranteed profits


For any questions pertaining to blogs, you can connect with the QuantInsti team at:

Note: These guidelines are in addition to our Policies

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