A CFA and an Entrepreneur - Hans experience learning Futures Trading

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How often is it that you come across someone who has completely dedicated his career to the domain of Banking and Finance?

Hans Nordemann is from the United States, has a splendid 35-year career in banking. Plus, he is the Founder of Norquest Capital. Hans believes in developing and enhancing his knowledge of the domain and his interest in the financial markets.

Hans shares with us his journey of learning Futures Trading System!

Hi, I am Hans Nordemann, and I’m based in the United States. I have an undergraduate degree in Finance, majoring in economics and accounting from Bentley University. I am also a CFA holder.

I have worked in the Finance industry for almost 35 years having worked for the big banks in New York, before starting my own company, Norquest Capital, back in 2000.

Over the years, I have developed a process as to how I invest, where I invest and what I invest. I would like to automate that process as much as possible. Since my process of identifying investment opportunities is Quantitative in nature, automating it through Algorithms suits the purpose.

My coding experience is primarily in Python and Java, which I learnt along with my kids who are interested in robotics, while they were pursuing engineering. I was intrigued to see the work Quantra was doing and since it was in Python, I decided to go ahead with Quantra.

I also have used other online learning platforms, I noticed that other platforms gave information or learning material in bits and pieces while Quantra has a total package of resources, sort of a one-stop-shop for learning different concepts. The method of teaching is good, with videos and integrated Jupyter notebooks, the courses are designed really well.

I had a good experience learning Futures Trading in Quantra’s course on Futures Trading, although I was familiar with how Futures work. I like the way the course was set up, the video units helped me learn concepts, the PDF’s were very useful as they enabled me to read more about the concepts in detail.

The integrated Jupyter notebooks allow you to practice the codes on the go. The exercises are very well designed. I liked the format, where you can learn and practice codes at the same time.

This course really helped me build confidence to pursue algorithmic trading in the near future.

People learn by doing stuff practically, and that part is covered extensively in the courses. I also like the efforts that are being taken to get user's feedback along with the support that you provide.

My best wishes to Quantra. Keep up the good work!

Thank you for taking out the time, Hans. We’re glad that Quantra was able to guide you on your journey. Your words will inspire many to be persistent in their learning.

Self-paced and bite-sized, Quantra courses offer a quick way to equip motivated learners to gain and perfect the skill sets required to excel in the field of algorithmic trading in a matter of hours.

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