Accounting, MBA and Algo Trading - Manuel’s story

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What stops you from learning Algorithmic Trading?
Is it the lack of knowledge of the domain?
Is it the fear of programming?

What if we could tell you about someone who overcame all of this?

It’s none other than Manuel Roldan. Manuel hails from Venezuela and is an Accountant by profession, with a finance degree and an MBA. His is an interesting story that also outlines his aspiration to learn algorithmic trading.

We caught up with Manuel over a call, and here, he shares his story with us!

Hi! I am Manuel Roldan, and I hail from Venezuela. I currently work as an Accountant in the Public sector in Venezuela and on the side I do sometimes trade in the financial markets. I have a degree in Business administration along with a degree in Finance and I’ve majored in Accounting and banking economics.

I was introduced to the stock markets in the second year of my college, where I learnt different aspects of trading. I got more curious about trading as a full-time career, so I spent the last 2 years researching different instruments of the financial markets like options, futures and commodities.

While all of this was going on, I discovered ‘High-frequency Trading’ which was altogether a completely new domain where you can trade using algorithms and programs. Eventually, I found out about Quantra while I was exploring algorithmic trading on the internet.

I wanted to learn more about algorithmic trading, so I enrolled in a few free courses provided by Quantra.

Initially, I thought it would be quite difficult for me, as I have no earlier background in computer science, but I found it quite easy because of the videos and the practice units.

With just a couple of hours of constant practice, I was able to overcome my fears and get comfortable with Python, although there is a long way to go. Going forward I would like to learn more how Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are applied in the financial markets.

I have a goal of having my own trading firm where I can apply my knowledge to build, develop strategies and take them to live in the markets.

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Manuel, we’re happy to see you taking charge of your learning, planning ahead and thrilled to see you overcome your fear of programming. Thank you for your time, and we wish you the best!

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