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The success stories of countless individuals from different geographies and backgrounds, and their journeys, reviews and experiences into the domain of algorithmic and quantitative trading through Quantra, conveyed in their own words.

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Quantra Reviews

Megan’s journey in achieving goals through learning Algo Trading!

A full-time BSc student from UK’s top 100 universities pursuing algorithmic trading, learning Python and other quantitative approaches. This is Megan Lester’s journey....
2 min read

Charles Lenfest Quantra Journey: A Data Scientist who followed his passion for Trading

Enhancing your trading skills with Systematic Options Trading helped churn Chalres’ passion and ambition. This is his journey of learning via self-paced learning courses and achieving his aspiration of systematic trading....
2 min read

Evolving Quantitative Trading with Deep Reinforcement Learning

Evolving your Quantitative trading with Deep Reinforcement Learning is a matter of keenness, dedication and the right guidance as Mattias found out. Read his journey about how he implemented Machine Learning techniques in his Trading with Quantra....
3 min read

How a Quantitative Investment Analyst learnt Quantitative Portfolio Management

The story of a Quantitative Analyst enhancing his skills and knowledge of Quantitative Finance. On his journey, he finally found the right source that can provide him with all the apt resources....
2 min read

How a Travel & Tourism Professor learnt Options Trading

A professor exploring new methods of options trading and its strategies using python made it possible with Quantra. Read on to learn how....
2 min read

From an Aerospace Engineer to Freelance Algorithmic Trader | Juan Marquez

An incredible journey of an enthusiastic aerospace engineer & also a manual trader and his desire to incorporate Machine learning into trading through Quantra....
2 min read

Ryan on his journey to learn to create Strategies, Backtesting, and more

Ryan wanted to create his own strategy, backtest, trade live and be a champion in his trading. He explains how Quantra's courses help him learn and implement that....
2 min read

How a Chartered Accountant learned Python to automate his trading

The trajectory of how a Chartered Accountant with a strong interest & experience in trading, and will to enhance his skills, learned Python for automating his trading....
2 min read

How Kevin learnt Python & Machine Learning for Trading at Quantra!

The story of a maths and statistics graduate in the domain of quant finance and how he gained knowledge of Python and Machine Learning for trading at Quantra....
2 min read

Brazil | A Hedge Fund Manager expanding his skills with ML

The incredible story of how a 20-year experienced Hedge Fund Manager from Brazil learnt Machine Learning through Quantra to implement it in his trading....
1 min read