CMT Association India Summit 2019, Mumbai

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About the event

Since the advent of trading in 18th-century rice markets of Osaka, Japan, traders have recognized that price holds a treasure trove of information about the behavior of market participants and the demand for individual securities. Complex data visualization, algorithmic trading strategies and quantitative methodologies all continue to rely on first principles of the market first understood by technicians hundreds of years ago.

At the inaugural India Summit, you’ll spend a full day learning from and networking with the world’s leading practitioners of technical analysis in asset management, research, and trading. Learn how persistent market anomalies such as trend, momentum, and mean reversion trading are observed, calculated and captured for alpha generation and risk mitigation in multi-asset portfolios.

Check out this conversation between Nitesh Khandelwal (Co-founder and CEO, QuantInsti) and Foram Chheda (CMT), wherein Nitesh discusses his background with technical analysis, how he got into the technical discipline and his upcoming presentation at the 2019 CMT Association India Summit.


Technical Analysis provides the first principles on which its modern interpretations, such as quantitative finance, algorithmic trading and behavioural finance, build. Successful data scientists and exponents of quantitative methods constantly work to deepen their understanding of the statistical methods, and behavioural biases that underlay market behaviour. Modern-day academics refer to technical analysis as the means to navigate the gap between intrinsic value and actionalble market price.

The Summit elevates the dialogue around contemporary quantitative methods by bringing together the foremost names in the world of finance on the same platform as the young stars of quantitative finance. It creates an opportunity for market participants to engage with the finest minds in the business, and learn actionable processes to enhance their idea generation, investment management and risk mitigation processes.

Why Participate


Arguably such a distinguished roster of speakers has never been assembled in Indian Technical Analysis. Living legends like Ralph Acampora and Martin Pring, derivatives trading billionaire and tech entrepreneur Anthony Saliba, JC Parets, social media's most followed analysis Indian TA icons like Atul Suri, Shiv Sehgal as well as young stars like Piyush Chaudhry, Shubham Agarwal and QuantInsti's own Nitesh Khandelwal come together to create a festival of knowledge like none other. See the table below for the full list of speakers and agenda outline.

Unprecedented access

The speakers will be at the Summit all day, giving attendees deep access to them both during and after their sessions

Networking Opportunity

Institutional money managers across asset classes, financial technology entrepreneurs, desk and organisation heads across banks, brokers, derivatives desks, mutual funds, investors, academics and more provide something for every serious market participant.

Agenda and Topics

Here are some glimpses of the event:

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