A Dentist and a part-time Trader - Shubhrabaran’s story

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We’re sure, it is not every day that you learn about really remarkable people who pursued their interest, 10+ years into their established and flourishing career and fared well. How about the journey of a Dental surgeon who developed an interest in Trading, inclined towards Algorithmic Trading - and is today creating and trading independently?

Such is the story of EPAT alumnus Dr. Shubhrabaran Das. He identified a potential in the growing field of Algo Trading, pursued it incessantly, and achieved what he set out to do. He is a proud recipient of the title of ‘Aesthetic dentist of the year 2018’.

If you’d say it funnily, this is the journey - from Teeth to Ticks!

We’re glad that he chose to share his story with us. Here’s how our discussion went.

Hi Shubhrabaran, tell us about yourself

Hi! I’m Shubhrabaran Das, I’m a dental surgeon by profession. I’m from Agartala, Tripura, and I love to watch movies in my spare time and I’m passionate about Trading. I have 2 clinics here in the Tripura and I’m trading part-time.

After my schooling in Tripura, I opted for the profession of a Dentist and I took up my studying in Chennai. Post that I worked for a few months under a Senior Dental surgeon in the city of Kolkata. Over a period of time, my work experience has mounted to 10+ years and continuing.

Under the present state of the COVID-19 pandemic, my working hours have reduced to half of normal and I’m polishing my trading skills in the meantime.

A Dental Surgeon and an Algo Trader - that’s an interesting mix. Could you tell us about that?

I was a Dental surgeon before I even knew about Trading. My interest in finance and trading wasn’t always from the beginning. Few years down my career, a thought about finance and investing crossed my mind. And I did try my hand investing in different avenues but the outcome wasn’t satisfactory.

I knew of trading but had never tried it. What attracted me were the returns - it was very lucrative to learn how one could learn and earn from the markets. I had never thought of it before. Although I wanted to trade, I have practised it as a side-business, and I continue to do so. I used a trading software to automate my strategies, but it limited me to certain specific strategies. The results were not good.

I frequented various webinars and workshops on trading. During one such webinar over at Zerodha, their guest, an ‘Algo Trader’ shared his experience of trading. He spoke of phrases like ‘Market Microstructure’, ‘Market Making’, etc. This piqued my interest. This was the first time that I got introduced to Algorithmic Trading.

I started searching for a lot of free resources, watching countless YouTube videos and started following many who claimed that one would profit following their methods of trading. I recollect attempting a lot of their learnings and failing at them. But it was the case of most of the learners I knew.

I was curious to learn how I could automate my trading strategies. Thus, began my search for online courses to learn Algo Trading. Before I knew it, I was transfixed at an Ad about the Executive Programme in Algorithmic Trading (EPAT) on my screen. And out of interest, I landed on the QuantInsti website.

Upon researching it and talking to the fine people there, I enrolled. This decision opened up an entirely new world of algorithms and trading to me. Believe me when I say this - I never knew that there was so much more to it that I had learned. There were tremendous details that EPAT introduced me to.

I expected to gain exposure to the broader aspects of trading, I wanted to learn how to apply Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to my trading as well. And with EPAT, I did.

Could you tell us about your learning experience with EPAT?

The learning at EPAT was very insightful, it opened up my mind to vast avenues and the doors to countless trading opportunities. I loved the way the lectures are conducted over the weekend. I always ended up spending more time learning by myself in the week.

It was exciting to learn that I could program my own trading strategies, and make my own trades. I knew of statistics but not its application to Trading. And I never knew to program.

One can learn and grasp all the information - but EPAT teaches the practical application of it. It tests you and makes sure you reach your goals by the time you’ve completed EPAT.

I was a bit excited about appearing for the final EPAT exams, simply for the reason that I was appearing for it after 10 years of my flourishing career. But I’m glad I did. I’m happy and proud that I’ve fared well, and achieved ‘EPAT’s Certificate of Excellence’!

I’m also a part of the EPAT Community on LinkedIn and I’m glad to have been among the first ones when it started out. I’m glad to have connected with EPATians from different batches from the past and present.

I trade NIFTY Options, during my leisure time and I like it. I find it rather interesting today when my patients glance a view of my trading on my Laptop - at the clinic when the market is Live. What continues is an interesting conversation about the markets, automation, and algo trading. Sometimes they’re quite fascinated to learn how QuantInsti and EPAT helped me get there.

Which is the best feature of EPAT according to you?

Although EPAT has many features that I could describe, the best and I feel the most vital and beneficial to me and even to all fellow EPATians - is the terrific support that they offer.

EPAT helped me connect the dots, and fill in the blanks within my limited knowledge. It guided me in making sense how it all fit together - as one complete picture. The support team kept me learning and kept me going.

A special shoutout to my Support Manager - Dhiraj. He always made sure that all my queries are addressed. I developed this confidence because even the simplest of doubts that I felt silly asking is addressed quite professionally by Dhiraj and all the faculty members.

Do you have any words of guidance for aspiring Algo Traders out there?

Never stop in your quest to learn. The more you learn, the further you will yearn to learn more. Keep up with the latest happenings, and keep your knowledge growing.

We’re thankful to you, Shubhrabaran for taking out the time for connecting with us and sharing your journey into Algo Trading. We’re also humbled by your kind words for EPAT. We wish you the best in your personal and professional life.

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Disclaimer: In order to assist individuals who are considering pursuing a career in algorithmic and quantitative trading, this case study has been collated based on the personal experiences of a student or alumni from QuantInsti’s EPAT®programme. Case studies are for illustrative purposes only and are not meant to be used for investment purposes. The results achieved post completion of the EPAT®programme may not be uniform for all individuals.

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