A Research Scholar And Her EPAT Experience - Puneet’s Story

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At QuantInsti, we are often approached by students, traders, people from all walks of life who wish to be a part of the Algorithmic and Quantitative domain. The domain is replete with some remarkable success stories of novices, experts, programmers, coders, algo traders, etc.

Puneet Kaur, a research scholar pursuing her doctorate studies, opted for the Executive Programme in Algorithmic Trading (EPAT) to learn various trading strategies such as Pairs trading and the techniques used to backtest such strategies.

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Here’s her story!

Hi Puneet, tell us about yourself!

I am a research scholar, doing PhD at Guru Nanak Dev University.

Did you always want to get into Algorithmic Trading?

My reason for opting for the course was to learn some data backtesting skills. But throughout the journey, I got to learn a lot about the stock market and algorithmic trading.

Though you were searching for a course on Data Analytics techniques, and many are available in the market, what made you choose this Executive Programme in Algorithmic Trading?

I got to know about this programme through one of my senior researcher who was working in the field of Stock trading and data analysis for the last couple of years.

What was the best part of your EPAT journey?

The best part about the course was the ease with which we get to learn such difficult things about algorithmic trading. The faculty is very helpful and experienced. And we get to learn a lot of things about the stock market.

Post completion, how is EPAT helping you on the professional front? How are you utilizing the skills gained from it?

Yes, the course made me have a good command over R programming which continuously helps me with the data analysis and backtesting. I am continuously using these skills for analyzing various stock trends and patterns.

How is your life different now after the course?

Now I find myself more confident about the stock market technicalities. Moreover, I find myself more clear about the various concepts.

What message would you like to share with other students out there who want to be a part of Algorithmic Trading domain?

In order to begin with a career in algorithmic trading, Quantinsti is the best platform one can ever have.

Puneet’s story is an example of how one ventures into a domain that opens up new horizons. You can also enhance your existing skill set and learn various aspects of Algorithmic trading with the Executive Programme in Algorithmic Trading (EPAT).

EPAT equips you with the required skill sets to be a successful trader. It covers training modules like Statistics & Econometrics, Financial Computing & Technology, and Algorithmic & Quantitative Trading. Enroll now to begin your career in Algorithmic Trading.

Disclaimer: In order to assist individuals who are considering pursuing a career in algorithmic and quantitative trading, this case study has been collated based on the personal experiences of a student or alumni from QuantInsti’s EPAT® programme. Case studies are for illustrative purposes only and are not meant to be used for investment purposes. The results achieved post completion of the EPAT® programme may not be uniform for all individuals.

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