Daniel’s story of learning Python for Financial Markets

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Time is a vital resource today, and it is essential to make the best of it. Learning and building your skills is one way of doing that, to keep yourself updated, to keep learning, or getting certified.

The pandemic has shifted our priorities and focus. With lockdowns happening globally, aspirations about learning something specific is a path being pursued.

Daniel M. is a Freelance IT consultant and hails from the beautiful country of Romania. We connected with him to learn about his journey, from being the “Tech Guy” to learning Python for the Financial Markets, after a career spanning 15 years in the domain of IT.

Daniel shares his journey, in his words.

I am Daniel M. from Romania. I have been working in the IT industry for the past 15 years as a Project manager. As of now, I am a Freelance IT Consultant.

My first contact with Information Technology started many years ago after I was exposed to the concept of programming and how machines use logic, math and sequences in order to do heavy calculations, way faster than the ancient paper-based. This experience basically guided my personal efforts to learn more and pursue higher education in Computer Science.

Looking back it is quite difficult to draw a line between education and work, as my professional experience made me wear many hats, starting with the "tech-guy" and moved along business consultancy and project management.

I was always interested in the Financial markets but never really got a chance to explore deeper into it. This pandemic has given me time to explore other domains.

At present, since I have some time in my hands and I very well understand the programming and the technical side of things, I decided to finally start learning Algorithmic Trading.

I wanted to learn more about Python, as it is extensively used in Finance nowadays. I was only familiar with it but never really got a chance to use it much during my job. I was looking for Python courses online, also took up courses on other platforms before I came across Quantra.

The truth is, there is plenty available online in today’s day and age, but with that abundance, it becomes difficult to filter out all the irrelevant stuff to get to the things that actually are valuable.

Quantra is pushing the value factor higher without wasting someone's time, by providing you with courses that have a sequence and a well-defined training delivery along with practical examples that are quite close to reality.

On the functional side of the course, the course was curated to make you follow a very natural way of learning stuff. For me personally, the training was a beautiful experience. The course syllabus was designed in a logical way.

Using the learnings from the free Python course I have built a database with ‘Open’, ‘High’, ‘Low’, ‘Close’, ‘Volume’ data of stocks. I am planning to explore the database, build a strategy, backtest and maybe take it live in the markets.

My next step would be to dig deeper into the Technical Analysis side of things and start exploring the fields of Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence for finance.

I am a very selective person and there are really very few things that impress me. Quantra is one of them. I will come back to you again, you guys are quality tested from my side.

Thank you, for the kind words, Daniel. We’re happy to see that you’ve had a great learning experience at Quantra. Looking forward to you joining in our other courses too!

Like Daniel, if you too wish to get started or excel in the field of algorithmic trading, Quantra's self-paced and bite-sized courses offer a quick way to equip motivated learners to gain and perfect the skill sets required.

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