QuantCon 2017: Algorithmic Trading Opportunities In Asia

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QuantCon 2017 hosted by Quantopian in New York City from April 28th to 30th. The conference featured expert workshops and talks on how one can overcome barriers to algorithmic trading, quantitative finance, and machine learning.

Rajib Ranjan Borah at QuantCon

Rajib Ranjan Borah addressing the audience at QuantCon

Our director, Rajib, was one of the speakers amongst the many prestigious speakers at QuantCon. He spoke on Algorithmic Trading Opportunities in Asia -Regulations, Technology, Competitive Landscape, Opportunities.

The high frequency and algorithmic trading landscape in America is hugely competitive. Understanding this, Rajib elucidated how it has become prudent for firms that have built their expertise to look at nascent markets in Asia. Using similar effort and expertise in Asia might generate higher profits and also provide early mover advantage to some of the new markets.

However, the road is full of unique obstacles - and an inside insight to the challenges and possibilities is critical. This talk at QuantCon hopefully cleared some of the confusions and threw more light to the algorithmic trading business expansion possibilities in Asia.

In conclusion, it was indeed a great opportunity for QuantInsti to be associated with QuantCon and contributing to the world of algorithmic trading, quantitative finance, and machine learning.

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