Nitesh Khandelwal At Better System Trader - Backtesting Platforms, Statistical Arbitrage and HFT

1 min read

Our Co-Founder and Director, Nitesh Khandelwal was invited by Andrew Swanscott of Better System Trader for an interview, where he shared insights about various backtesting platforms, statistical arbitrage and high frequency trading.

Topics discussed

  • The 3 key components to an algorithmic trading platform and the basic questions you need to answer before choosing a trading platform
  • Why backtesting and execution platforms should be separate
  • Choosing a programming language and why python has become a popular choice in trading
  • The benefits and drawbacks of using python in trading
  • Statistical Arbitrage, how it came about and the benefits of the approach
  • The primary risks of statistical arbitrage, especially during times of market stress and how they can be reduced
  • The most important factor in stat arb trading
  • Common mistakes traders make when building statistical arbitrage models

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