Jobs & Skills

To get hired in Prop desks, Hedge funds, Institutional trading desks, you need a strong skills set. Read about the skills required to get hired in roles and jobs available in the financial markets.

9 min read

Introduction to Quantitative Finance

Learn what quantitative finance is. Explore how to get a job in quantitative finance and what qualifications do you need to be a quantitative analyst. Quant degrees, Quant university, jobs and much more....

13 min read

Paper Trading: Trading using virtual money!

Paper trades are those trades where one can buy or sell securities without risking any real money. We discuss how paper trading is different from backtesting and the top paper trading platforms!...

13 min read

Short Selling: Example, Strategy, Myths

Short selling is when you borrow and sell a stock which you do not own, making sure you return the stock later by buying at a lower price. Today we talk about its risks and rewards with the help of examples....

5 min read

Upskilling In The Quant Era

Gaining quant skills to keep up with the rapidly growing domain of Algorithmic Trading and Quantitative Trading has become very essential. This blog explains why upskilling is necessary in this Quant Era....