Top Skills for nailing Quant or Trader Interview

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Want to secure a Quant or Trader’s job? Following are the areas that you should focus on to get your dream job.

1) Equity Derivatives/Options

Derivatives are highly traded instruments. Knowledge of option pricing models, greeks, volatility, hedging, and various option strategies are a must.

2) Programming

Sound programming skills are required for backtesting, writing low latency and super-efficient codes.

3) Statistics & Probability

Probability and statistics form a key part of trading. Basic statistics, time series, multivariate analysis etc. is used for formulating strategies, and risk-management.

4) Markets and the Economy

Good knowledge of how markets and economy work.

5) Numerical & Brain Teasers

Numerical and thinking questions test the ability to work out the answer with sound reasoning.

6) Question about You

These are asked to determine if you are a good fit for the job.

7) Job Awareness Questions

Job Awareness questions evaluate your understanding of the job profile.

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