Training On Algorithmic Trading For The National Stock Exchange Of India

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Rajib Ranjan Borah and Gaurav Raizada at NSE

QuantInsti co-founders Rajib Ranjan Borah and Gaurav Raizada conducted a special training event for senior managers from the surveillance and compliance department of National Stock Exchange India (NSE India).

This event was designed to equip the surveillance and compliance teams at India’s biggest exchange with the most up to date knowledge about developments in the field of automated, algorithmic and high frequency trading.

With the realization by trading firms that automation could scale trading profits up drastically, the market structure changed dramatically and very rapidly. This has thus created a necessity for regulators and compliance professionals to keep themselves up to date with these recent developments to be able to keep a check on market participants in this new complex environment.

The event was an attempt to provide this bridge to the latest developments – specifically focussing on risk management failures specifically related to algorithmic trading, additional risk management procedures and processes that should be adapted for automated trading, the technological intervention in trading, etc. There was a detailed analysis of the various categories of automated trading strategies, and the characteristics of each. The entire life cycle involved in designing an algorithmic trading strategy was discussed, and a special discussion on the technological complexities and innovations of algorithmic trading strategies was also discussed.

This full day event was attended by the senior and mid-managers from the risk, surveillance and compliance department at NSE and received strong positive response from the participants. QuanInsti feels honored to have partnered NSE compliance team in its endeavors for excellence.

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