Tine-Tarriro Matambo | South Africa | Learning Python for Trading

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What started off as an opportunity to develop his skill set for learning Python, helped Tine-Tarriro learn Python for trading and gain the essential skills to implement it in the world of finance and trading.

How did he do it? He shares his story and explains.

Hi fellow learners,

I am Tine-Tarriro Matambo from Johannesburg, South Africa. I have majored in Economics and Finance, and have been working in the Financial sector in the IT department, where I manage tech-related projects.

I traded stocks during my undergraduate studies and I found that I am truly interested and passionate about trading. Now with my background in Tech, I became curious about Algorithmic trading. I started looking up courses online, where I stumbled upon Quantra.

Python now is being used extensively in the world of Finance. Initially, I used to hire people to develop trading strategies for me, but the end result was never in line with what I wanted, so I felt the need to learn Python myself. Although I am familiar with programming languages, I am not very well versed with Python.

I had been doing other general courses on Python in the market, but I realised that it would take me a lot of time to learn and complete those courses. Hence, I decided I might as well do something very specific so that I can start to practically use and implement the learnings as soon as possible.

The reason I was interested in Quantra’s courses, was that even though I had discovered that I could automate strategies, I couldn’t find many resources that could have helped me understand and learn trading strategies with a Quantitative approach. When I saw the learning material provided by Quantra, I noticed that it had courses that were tailored and designed specifically for Finance.

I opted for the basic Python for Trading course by Quantra. I really appreciate that the course actually has a Jupyter notebook in some sections where you can go and see how a programmer scripts and codes in the notebook.

Even the exercises are really helpful, they really helped in learning Python. I think it is a good base to start your journey in algorithmic trading using the Quantitative approach.

Good Job!

Thanks for the kind words! We’re happy to have been there, providing you with the apt learning resources that have been able to guide your learning. We wish you the best for your future.

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