Rene Appznoix | Brazil | Adding Python to a Programming Skillset

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If you’re a computer programmer, a coder, and are interested in learning about using Python, would you jump into learning it directly?

Rene identified the opportunity that learning Python and its implementation possesses. A programmer for 40 years, Rene’s story is worth a read.


I am Rene Appznoix, from Sao Paulo, Brazil. I have been a Computer programmer for 40 years and in recent years I have been developing programs in the eCommerce industry.

I started trading on the stock markets some 10 years from now. Back then, the market dynamics were very different from what it is today. I switched to long term investments.

But in 2018, I started to trade again after I found a professor who taught me algorithmic trading. I was able to make a bot that used to trade in the Brazilian stock markets, and the results were satisfactory. I was looking for an upgrade when I found Quantra.

I was postponing the analysis of all the data my bot was generating. About a month ago, a Brazilian company had a launch event, where they showcased the application of Data Science with Python. I was really impressed to see how simple it was to use python and how advanced tech has become.

Seeing the benefits of Python, I came to Quantra and did the free course on Python - Python for Trading: Basic. I liked it very much since I am a self-learner. The whole process of learning was great! A month back, I had no knowledge of Python, but now I can attempt some Machine Learning concepts using Python.

The course is very solid and it being free is a bonus. All in all, it was a great introduction to Python for me.

I am currently focussing on doing all the other free courses at Quantra to get a strong foundation. Keep it up!

We are humbled by your words, Rene. Thank you. We hope you continue to drive your dedication to learn and grow. We wish you the best!

Python for Trading: Basic is a detailed and comprehensive course for beginners who wish to build a strong foundation in Python, to learn Python and use it to analyze financial data sets. For those aspiring to start, enroll now!

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