Rodrigo Scheuch | Brazil | Technical Analysis to Automating trading strategies using Python

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Are various online resources a challenge for learning?
Have you faced the same dilemma as Rodrigo did while he aspired to learn for free from the internet?

Well, Rodrigo found a way out of this, when he was trying to learn to use Python programming for Trading.

How did he do it? Read on as he shares it in his own words!

Hi everyone,

I am Rodrigo Scheuch, from Sao Paulo, Brazil. I have done my masters in corporate finance, after having done my bachelors in Industrial engineering. I currently trade in the Brazilian Stock markets.

Since I already trade, I always wanted to learn Python, with the motive to automate and implement my strategies, but was crunched on time. I am a technical analyst and going forward I want to be a master of code. I want to test my ideas and strategies on historical data. I don’t intend to spend most of my time doing technical analysis on a daily basis.

I decided to make sure I take out time and started to look for learning material online, where I found Quantra. I noticed that Quantra had a lot of free courses already available on their platform, which aligned with my learning goals.

I enrolled in the ‘Python for Trading: Basic’ course as I wanted to learn Python. All the basic concepts of Python, along with libraries like, Numpy & Pandas, were clearly explained. The course also gave me an introduction to Blueshift, where I can script and backtest my strategies easily using this tool.

Previously, when I had taken a tutorial on basics of Python, I found it too complex for me.

Thanks to Quantra! It made the learning process quite simple where I can also execute the learnings using Blueshift.

This course really helped me understand how python can be used to make strategies and deal with data. This has given me a vision to go forward and has made me capable of using Python efficiently with data, which I was unable to do in spite of referring to other learning material on other platforms.

Going forward I apply the concepts learnt from this course to get comfortable with python. I am really happy with it and I want to thank the whole team for creating this brilliant course and giving me the opportunity to learn.

I am hopeful that I will arrive at a better place after doing other courses on the platform as well. Thank you very much.

Thank you so much. We’re happy to have been a part of your journey, and wish you the best for your future endeavours.

Python for Trading: Basic is a detailed and comprehensive course for beginners who wish to build a strong foundation in Python, to to learn Python and use it to analyze financial data sets. Enroll now!

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