Learning To Upgrade: Zahra’s Journey From Manual Trading To Algorithmic Trading

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Though trading is often considered as a way to earn profits, many are still skeptical to start trading due to the risks involved. However, a passion to learn and excel is the key to becoming successful, along with practical experience.

One such person who started trading at a young age is, Zahra. Her journey demonstrates the determination she had to enhance and upgrade her skills, and thus learn about algorithmic trading.

Here’s our conversation with Zahra!

zahra epat review
  • Hi Zahra, tell us about yourself.

I am currently studying B. Com. I had enough knowledge of the financial market. My interest in the market grew with the help of my dad and my brother when I realized that trading can be a good source of additional revenue. I started by trading manually and after researching more, I came across this concept of Algorithmic Trading as a field which compelled me to research more and deepen my knowledge of this field.

  • Being a manual trader, when did you decide you want to learn about Algorithmic Trading?

I started trading when I was 17. At first, I used to do dummy trades and trade in mere different ways daily. This created a craziness in me to learn more about it in depth. While trading manually, it is normal to have emotion and tiredness, to overcome this I decided to study further with the latest trends in quantitative finance. As almost everything is like a machine.

  • What made you choose EPAT to explore this field?

I got to know about this programme while I was surfing the internet. I found that there are not many courses available in this domain. and EPAT looked promising to me to start.

  • Tell us about your experience.

One of the main reasons to join EPAT was to learn machine learning. Although the course was advanced and exhaustive I also learnt many things like mathematical models, backtesting, coding, using statistical arbitrage, hedging and programming tools such as Python and R. I also enjoyed the options trading lecture by Mr.Rajib Borah and also liked the way of teaching by Mr. Nitesh Khandelwal. The faculty and the support team are very helpful and experienced. The journey was small but the course structure was quite comprehensive and I really enjoyed learning different market strategies in different ways.

  • How are you applying and utilizing the skills learnt?

I believe, that Quantitative Finance is a secretive field where people do not share ideas. But, I learnt some good concepts and strategies through the EPAT program. I am utilizing my skills to upgrade my strategies. This has enhanced my decision-making skills and helped me understand the criteria based on which we can take a particular position in the market. Over the months, I have also developed a new understanding, and continuing to do so with constant practice.

  • Any message you would like to give to aspiring quants and algo traders?

In trading, you can be aggressive but with proper risk management skills. You could be defensive but you might end up with lesser profits.

From manual trading to algorithmic trading, Zahra successfully completed this journey through EPAT.

EPAT aims to train aspiring algorithmic traders and equip them with a strong skill set required to start algorithmic trading. It is a comprehensive course which covers not only financial knowledge but also technical knowledge required to code trading strategies including topics like Statistics & Econometrics, Financial Computing & Technology, and Algorithmic & Quantitative Trading.

Disclaimer: In order to assist individuals who are considering pursuing a career in algorithmic and quantitative trading, this case study has been collated based on the personal experiences of a student or alumni from QuantInsti’s EPAT™ programme. Case studies are for illustrative purposes only and are not meant to be used for investment purposes. The results achieved post completion of the EPAT™ programme may not be uniform for all individuals.

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