How Kevin learnt Python & Machine Learning for Trading at Quantra!

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A recent Maths and Statistics graduate who just started his journey in the quant finance domain, Kevin wants to make sure that he's got all the bases covered when it comes to his quantitative trading skills. His search to find good resources to learn and apply machine learning techniques in finance led him to Quantra.

Keven shares his learning journey with us.

Hi Fellow learners,

I am Kevin Sibuyi, from Johannesburg, South Africa. I have completed my graduation with Majors in Maths and Statistics, post which currently I am currently working in the Quantitative Finance industry.

I was always interested in learning and applying machine learning in finance, hence when I looked up resources for the same, the ‘Python for Machine Learning in Finance’ course on Quantra popped up.

I really like the way the course is structured, the concepts are very clearly explained to make sure you understand the codes thoroughly. This course has also introduced me to the ‘Y finance’ package, which I had no idea of before.

The course completion certificate provided will definitely add a lot of value to my profile, as companies nowadays do look for people who have knowledge of Python.

I also introduced Quantra to my lecturers at my University, who were highly impressed with your product. You guys fill the gaps of what the industry demands and what the universities have to offer, really well.

All in all this course really opened my mind to the application of Machine Learning to finance. I will definitely have another go at the course to revise the concepts. I am planning to fetch multiple data from stocks through Y Finance and practice to increase my knowledge.

I would like to thank you for providing us with such a valuable resource that too for free.

I really appreciate that. Great job!

Thank you for taking the time to tell us about your experiences, Kevin. We're glad that Quantra was able to bridge the gap between what you learned at university and what financial institutes expect out of traders they hire.

Quantra is home to multiple Machine Learning courses that delve deep into leveraging different ML techniques into your trading. These courses are designed to start you off with the fundamentals and guide you through the advanced Machine Learning techniques in a structured manner. Enroll now!

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