Serene Banerjee | India | PhD and diving into Deep Reinforcement Learning

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What started off with a need to learn and a search for resources about Deep Reinforcement Learning, led Serene to Quantra. We connected with Serene, and here’s her journey.

Hi Everyone!

I am Serene Banerjee from India. After my Engineering from IIT Kharagpur, I completed my Masters and PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas. Currently, I am working in Ericson on Radio Access Networks and I use time-series data extensively.

Even though I am not much into the financial markets or the trading side, I found the course to be useful since I work on the time series data.

I have been doing self-study for quite some time in the Advanced Machine learning domain. I stumbled upon the video ‘The World of Trading with Deep Reinforcement Learning by Dr Thomas Starke’ on QuantInsti’s Youtube channel, while I was searching for some resources for Deep reinforcement learning.

Just after I finished watching the whole video, I was compelled to enroll in the course that was offered by Quantra.

This is the first time I took an actual course in Deep Reinforcement learning and I was not disappointed. I have read a lot of learning material on the internet related to advanced machine learning concepts, but very frankly this is the first time I found the Deep Q concept and the Bellman equation to be explained in the simplest manner.

Both these concepts have been explained very well in this course on Deep Reinforcement Learning Trading and in Quantra’s Youtube videos as well.

The additional benefit that I got with Quantra was the Python lessons. This enabled me to code by myself on the integrated Jupyter notebooks. Plus, the downloadable codes helped me practice and experiment with the codes on my personal device. I am using it to solve some of the issues, by myself.

To date, I haven't found any course that so seamlessly explains the codes and the concepts.

For me, the greatest impact was the easy explanation of these complex concepts. Even a class 8 student will be able to understand all the advanced concepts. This course is much better than anything available.

I was very happy that I did not face any single glitch. The course is very well designed. I definitely look forward to the advanced machine learning courses offered by Quantra.

Great Job!

Thank you for taking out the time and sharing your story with us, Serene. We’re happy that you chose Quantra’s courses for your learning aspirations. Best wishes!

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