Heath Berg | United States | Leveraging discounts to learn Python for Trading

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If you’ve spent 27 years in the IT Industry, how would you go about pursuing your desire to use Machine Learning concepts and apply them to your interest in Trading?

Heath started learning on his own starting from investing in stocks to steadily growing his skill set by learning Python programming language. This decision played a key role in his journey.

How? Read on to know more.

Hello fellow learners,

I am Heath Berg and I'm from Texas, United States. I have been working in the IT industry for the past 27 years now, where currently I am a System Administrator for a few years. I have been investing in stocks for quite some time, of late, I have also started to trade Options.

Right now, I am very interested in automated trading and applying machine learning concepts to automate my trading system. As a concept, I find it very fascinating.

My goal is to change my career in the Machine Learning domain, specific to Quantitative finance, as I see great opportunities in it.

I luckily stumbled upon Quantra during a time when they had their summer sale going on. I found the deal quite attractive and signed up for all the courses that aligned with my interests. I have now completed ‘Python for Trading!’ course on Quantra and I must say, the material provided is great. I genuinely have learned a lot from the course.

The structure and design of the course are quite nice. I found concepts around Pandas not to be covered comprehensively in the course. However the team tells me, they have plans to add such additional material to the course soon.

I also tried Blueshift, which is integrated into the course under the ‘Live trading’ section, although I did not take the strategy Live, I did quite a bit of backtesting by changing the variables and parameters in the given code. Blueshift is an interesting tool to use, definitely different from other platforms, but very interesting. I like it.

As an entry-level course, I did not find anything missing from the course. It was quite complete in that manner. I am really happy with the information I learnt from the course, and I am really excited to learn more from other Quantra courses.

We’re glad that you had a great learning experience at Quantra. Your words drive us to make our offerings even better. We’re 39 courses strong now, offered across a range of topics imperative to algorithmic and Quantitative Trading. Thank you.

Nowadays, Quants and finance-technology enthusiasts too can get started like Heath by using Python for trading - to program and use it in financial markets for trading. All the best!

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