Professional Success, Parenthood and Algorithmic Trading - Elizabeth recounts her story

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A successful professional working with one of the worlds largest banking houses, has experience working for various reputed firms in the world, who holds a Masters degree and has cleared CFA level 1 and is today a certified Algorithmic Trader. Who are we talking about? It is none other than EPAT Alumni, Elizabeth Penagos.

Elizabeth has established herself professionally on the financial market scene and today perfectly juggles multiple roles as a mother, a wife and a daughter - and succeeds at all of them. We caught up with Elizabeth and what unravelled are some key events of her life that she chose to share with you - our readers.

We hope her story inspires you. Here’s our discussion with Elizabeth!

Hi Elizabeth, could you tell us about yourself?

Hello, I’m Elizabeth Penagos, I am from Venezuela but currently, I’m living in Miami. I did my bachelor’s degree in Accounting in the Universidad Santa Maria in Venezuela, and later on, I decided to pursue a new path for my career, so I moved with my family to Miami in 2015 to study a Joint Master’s degree in Finance and International Business in Florida International University.

Also, in the meantime, I passed CFA Level 1. Upon graduation, I got a job in the Asset Management team at Beta Capital Wealth Management, which is the US Broker-Dealer of Credit Andorra Financial Group.

Could you share about your work journey?

My work journey all the way through the finance field was diverse, and I think that this has been the mould that shaped my professional experience.

I began working at a start-up company in Venezuela, so right from the beginning, I learnt to multi-task, be proactive and have an entrepreneurial spirit. When I came to the US, I had the opportunity to join big groups such as Pricewaterhouse and Coopers, Citigroup, and currently, I’m working in the Asset Management team of Credit Andorra Financial Group as Trader and Portfolio Manager.

This is the place where I fell in love with the financial markets, and where I learnt that the three most important skills to succeed in the financial markets are:
1) Critical Thinking,
2) Problem Solving,
3) Timing.

What caught your interest in Algo Trading?

As I worked in the front office, I wanted to complement my professional experience with programming and quantitative skills. After analyzing all the options, I found that EPAT was the right course for my needs, and I chose it because the curriculum is very rich, and pragmatic compared to other courses.

When I first joined EPAT I expected to learn to code in Python, with the idea to build some statistical and mathematical models. But ended up learning much more than what I expected. The curriculum covers everything from the most basic financial concepts to the most advanced topics of statistics, econometrics, financial markets, Machine Learning and coding in Python, R, and Matlab.

Which particular feature of EPAT did you like the most?

I liked every aspect of the course, the content of the lectures, the faculty, and the recording of the classes, which is a particular feature that I liked the most.

It was kind of difficult for me to follow the on-line classes after a full-time workweek, not only because the live classes were at my midnights on Fridays and Saturdays, but also because I have a family with two little kids to spend my time with during the weekends.

So, now you can imagine how useful it was for me to have access to the recordings which are available promptly after each class was finished.

What would be your message to the aspiring Algo Traders out there?

Be always on top of the professional training! The EPAT Course and the community is the best way to be at the vanguard.

Thank you for this interesting discussion, Elizabeth. We truly admire your gall and positivity. We wish you all the best for your future.

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Disclaimer: In order to assist individuals who are considering pursuing a career in algorithmic and quantitative trading, this case study has been collated based on the personal experiences of a student or alumni from QuantInsti’s EPAT® programme. Case studies are for illustrative purposes only and are not meant to be used for investment purposes. The results achieved post completion of the EPAT® programme may not be uniform for all individuals.