Automated Trading

Learn to automate your traders using different tools and platforms: Python, R, Interactive Brokers, Zerodha, Quantra Blueshift and many others.

15 min read

Algorithmic Trading

Algorithmic trading is converting trading strategy into code for automated, fast, accurate trading. Learn about Algo trading strategies, courses, careers and more...

6 min read

Dynamic Money Management

Money Management is the discipline incarnate for the quantitative trader. Zach Oaks, explains about Dynamic Money Management, Win rate, and how to build your own MM system using Python coding....

11 min read

Algorithmic Trading Stages Explained Simply

Are you new to Algo trading? Confused about how to start, where to start? If you want to develop your first Algo, what are the stages you have to go through, there is limited information on this. I will try to explain this by taking a real trading strategy....