Read about Algorithmic and Quantitative Trading industry terminologies, news, growth, technological advancements, opinions and more.

8 min read

Market Making is simpler than you think!

Learn what Market Making is all about. Explore the earnings, profits, losses, relevance, strategy and everything in the sphere of Market Making. Difference between a Broker and Market Maker....

9 min read

Introduction to Quantitative Finance

Learn what quantitative finance is. Explore how to get a job in quantitative finance and what qualifications do you need to be a quantitative analyst. Quant degrees, Quant university, jobs and much more....

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Essential Books on Algorithmic Trading

Find out the best books on Algorithmic Trading. Learn about the essential beginner books for algorithmic trading, machine learning for trading, python basics and much more....

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Algorithmic Trading

Algorithmic trading is converting trading strategy into code for automated, fast, accurate trading. Learn about Algo trading strategies, courses, careers and more...