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2 min read

Implementing Pricing Model and Dynamic Asset Allocation [Webinar]

Project presentations by two of our esteemed EPAT alumni. First on “Implementing pricing (or market-making) model using Kalman filtering adaptive to market regimes” by Evgeny Tishkin and second on “Dynamic Asset Allocation using Neural Networks” by Mrinal Mahajan....

1 min read

[Q&A Session] Artificial intelligence in trading

Q&A session with the renowned expert Dr. Thomas Starke, where he would be addressing all your queries and doubts about the use, implications, applications, etc. of Artificial Intelligence in the world of Trading....

1 min read

[Q&A Session] How to become a successful quant

A very rare opportunity to connect directly with world-renowned expert Dr. Ernest Chan, where he will address all your questions about becoming a successful quant. All for FREE! Be sure to attend....