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[FREE WEBINAR] Common Mistakes Made by Traders

Join our webinar to uncover top trading errors and learn strategies to avoid them. Perfect for aspiring traders looking to enhance their skills. Sign up now!...
1 min read

[FREE WEBINAR] Exploring Options Volatility: Key Properties, Trading Strategies & Backtesting

Join us for a discussion on key properties of implied volatility (IV) crucial for trading. Explore mean reversion in IV, volatility skew, and strategies for trading with a volatility outlook. Save your spot now!...
1 min read


Algorithmic Day Trading Strategies | Webinar

Day trading is preferred by a lot of traders. But does this mean day trading is the superior strategy? Discover the world of day trading and its potential for success and see if it is possible to create a successful trading strategy. Register today!...
1 min read

ChatGPT for Quants | Webinar

Large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT, Bard, etc., are popular models revolutionizing finance. Explore their use in investing/trading and learn how and where can quant traders use them. Register today!...
1 min read

Volatility Trading Strategies Using Options by Dr Euan Sinclair | Webinar

Discover the secrets of successful options trading using volatility. Learn strategies, quantitative methods, and option pricing from Dr Euan Sinclair. Register today!...
1 min read

Introduction to Medium-Frequency Trading: Trading in Milliseconds | Webinar

Discover the world of Medium-Frequency Trading in our webinar. Learn about the key concepts, strategies, benefits, and challenges of this advanced trading style, along with the role of technology and data analysis....
1 min read

ChatGPT and Machine Learning in Trading | Webinar

This session covers the basics of ChatGPT and the need for machine learning in trading. Attendees will learn how to integrate ChatGPT and machine learning in trading, along with successful real-world examples....
1 min read

Understanding Financial Market Behaviour: The role of multiple categories of data | Webinar

Join industry experts as they discuss the research findings and consider various ways in which traders and fund managers may find the elusive ‘alpha’ by understanding the behaviour of financial markets....
2 min read

Introduction to Quantitative Factor Investing | Webinar

Is there an investment approach with a potential for higher returns with lower fees, diversification and also highly customizable? Factor investing is the answer!...
1 min read

Machine Learning for Options Trading | Webinar Recording

This session explains the application of machine learning techniques for options trading. It also covers the process of creating options trading strategies using machine learning....
1 min read

Portfolio Assets Allocation with ML and Optimization for Dividend Stocks | Algo Trading Projects

EPAT project presentations by two of our esteemed EPAT alumni - “Portfolio Assets Allocation: A practical and scalable framework for Machine Learning Development” by Raimondo Marino and “Portfolio Optimization for Dividend Stocks” by Kurt Selleslagh....
3 min read

Trading Alpha: Developing A Micro-Alpha Generating System | Webinar

This session introduces you to the concept of micro-alpha and how to develop a micro-alpha generating system. It covers the process of parameter optimization and various micro-alpha strategies....
1 min read