How To Become An Independent Algorithmic Trader?

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How To Become An Independent Algorithmic Trader

Algo-trading is the usage of computer programs to automate your strategies in order to acquire an enhanced profit margin. You can opt to acquire the essential skills required to start trading by going for a structured and comprehensive programme or you can go for self-learning. Assistance can provide you with the apt direction and hence minimize the time spend in pathfinding.

The Executive Program in Algorithmic Trading (EPAT™) by QuantInsti®, a comprehensive course distributed thoughtfully over a span of six months can help you set up your own algo-trading firm or start trading independently. The theoretical and practical knowledge offered by the course structure provides professional guidance on how to manage and backtest data, programming languages and trading strategies.

The course broadly covers topics on Options, Derivatives and Risks and automated trading systems required to start trading. EPATians are also trained on basics of excel, data visualization, applications of various models etc. Random Walk Model for predicting future stock prices using simulations and understanding results, Capital Asset Pricing Model.

We bring you an account of one of our EPATian, Mr. T K Raj who has been in the technical space for over twenty years, heading different business functions.

Here’s what Mr. Raj has to say about his experience.

What are your primary takeaways from the course?

After successfully completing the EPAT™ course, the way I look at the market now is completely different from where I started prior to the course. EPAT™ gave me a good hands-on experience and knowledge of thinking in probabilities, backtesting many algorithmic strategies, Market Microstructure, Bid/Ask spreads, trading in Derivatives market etc. The EPAT™ course is conducted by various experts in their respective fields, and that enriched my experience further.

I want to acknowledge 2 teachers for their sessions that had a profound impact on my learning.

Mr. Nitesh Khandelwal: In his session on ATR strategy, excel programming and for his support on my final project.

Dr. Yves Hilpisch: For making Python easy to understand. His session on how to code and backtest the strategy and to take it live, immensely motivated me in developing my programming skills in Python.

Today, I have successfully developed my algorithmic trading system from scratch and I am starting my own trading company.

What is your educational and professional background?

I come from a non-finance and non-programming background. Across my career spanning 20+ years, predominantly in Technical Support, I have managed teams in various roles and capacities which included being a Director-Technical Support in companies like Sify, Dell, Tesco, Microsoft, etc. Having spent many years in support, I wanted to change tracks to do something completely different and reboot plus kickstart my learning process once again. Stock Market excited me the most due to its ever-changing nature, highly competitive, challenging and focused work environment.

I chose stock trading as my next career move. I started with reading algorithmic trading books and internet articles about markets, stock trading, strategies etc. For close to a year, I started intraday manual trading to gain a hands-on experience. The experience of manual trading was a mixed bag of both successes and failures and I always felt there was something missing. I felt the need for a structured learning process.

How did you get to know about QuantInsti® & why did you choose QuantInsti®?

I attended QuantInsti’s session hosted by Zerodha in October 2016. That’s when I got to know about Quantinsti® and their EPAT™ program. The course met my requirements. EPAT™ provided me with the basic understanding of Markets, Market microstructure, Algorithm, Strategies and basic programming skills specific to trading.

How did you find the placement opportunities provided by QuantInsti®?

Although I have chosen to trade on my own, the placement opportunities are very interesting and EPAT™ course has provided enough foundational knowledge to pursue these opportunities.

Would you recommend QuantInsti® to others who wish to pursue a career in Algo Trading?

Certainly, this course will help anyone who is passionate about Algorithmic trading.

Next Step:

Like Raj, are you keen on learning more about algorithmic trading? Connect with us and get to know different worldviews on financial strategies. QuantInsti® aids people in acquiring skill sets which can be applied across various trading instruments and platforms. The Executive Programme in Algorithmic Trading (EPAT™) course covers training modules like Statistics & Econometrics, Financial Computing & Technology, and Algorithmic & Quantitative Trading. EPAT™ equips you with the required skill sets to be a successful trader.

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