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Introduction to Quantitative Factor Investing | Webinar

Is there an investment approach with a potential for higher returns with lower fees, diversification and also highly customizable? Factor investing is the answer!...
1 min read

Best Quant websites | An unconventional guide

A curated selection of some of the finest websites for Quants! Gain exposure to some of the highly sought Quant Blogs, Portals, Forums, Communities, and Research papers....
7 min read

Basics Of Options Trading Explained

Options are one of the most popular derivatives that are traded in the stock market. With this blog, you will learn all the characteristics that are important for any beginner before starting options trading....
9 min read

Top 10 Machine Learning Algorithms For Beginners

Machine learning algorithms are used in various fields today such as finance, healthcare, etc. There are some commonly used machine learning algorithms that beginners can use for trading. Let us understand the top 10 machine learning algorithms for beginners with this blog....
14 min read

Automated Trading Systems: Architecture, Protocols, Types of Latency

Automated trading has a widespread application in the world of trading and finance. But why? And what exactly is automated trading? This blog helps you with all your questions and doubts regarding automated trading in detail....
20 min read

Applying LightGBM to the Nifty index in Python

LightGBM is an efficient gradient-boosting framework that uses tree-based learning. This blog discusses an improvised version of the algorithm and its use in the Indian stock market....
8 min read

Marketing, Analytics and now Algo Trading | HuanJian Chang’s Journey

HuanJian Chang, a full-time data analyst with 12+ years of work experience and domain knowledge in marketing, is exploring the world of algo trading with EPAT in order to one day set up his own trading desk....
4 min read

Volatility And Measures Of Risk-Adjusted Return With Python

Volatility is most crucial for a trader for avoiding losses. But what is it and how to compute historical volatility in Python, and what are the different measures of risk-adjusted return based on it? Find it all in this interesting and informative blog article....
7 min read

Market Making: Strategies, Algo Trading, Techniques, and More

Market making is integral for the financial markets since market makers are the buyers and sellers for making the market liquid. Learn what market making is all about, the market making strategy, and the role of automated trading in making markets....
10 min read

IAS and Algo Trading: How Parrag made both possible!

How does an IAS officer from the Indian Administrative Services of the Govt. of India with a glorious career spanning 25+ years across countless industries learn Algorithmic Trading? Join us on this journey of Parrag as he explains how he pursued his interest in learning Algo trading with EPAT....
8 min read