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Algorithmic Trading Workshop 2023

Start your journey into algorithmic trading. Join our 3-hour workshop, learn strategies, code, and enhance your trading skills. Register today!...
2 min read

History of Algorithmic Trading, HFT and News Based Trading

With this blog, explore the early developments of algo trading, HFT and news based trading. Gain insights into each trading type from their beginning till now....
12 min read

Forecasting Stock Prices Using ARIMA Model

Did you know that ARIMA can be used with Python for trading? Get to know the role of ARIMA in time series analysis for forecasting the stock prices and much more with this blog....
11 min read

Finding Balance: Jesmer Wong's Path as a Data Scientist into Algorithmic Trading

Jesmer Wong, a data scientist from Hong Kong explores the world of algo trading with EPAT. With a background in electronics engineering and an MBA in Finance, Jesmer is also the founder of a business networking portal in Hong Kong. This is his journey into algorithmic trading....
4 min read

Backtesting: How to Backtest, Analysis, Strategy, and More

Backtesting is an important tool to check the effectiveness of your trading strategy. But, is it really worth it? How to do backtesting, the software for backtesting and more. Learn about it all with this informative blog....
21 min read

RNN, LSTM, and GRU For Trading

Use the power of RNN (Recurrent Neural Networks), LSTM (Short Term Memory networks) & GRU (Gated Recurrent Unit Network) and predict the stock price....
7 min read

AI in Quant Jobs: Impact of Automation and Skills Adaptation in the Age of AI

AI's impact on quant jobs and the field of quantitative analysis is significant. Quants must adapt to leverage AI's potential for improved efficiency and insights. But how? And what all can an AI do to help quants? Find it all in this informative and interesting blog!...
10 min read

Optimizing Exit Conditions Using a Variable Take Profit and Stop Loss

Many strategies focus on finding the best instance for trade entry and execution. However, when should you take profits or cut losses? This EPAT project explains. Find out how optimizing the exit conditions for commonly used trading strategies can improve the success of trades....
7 min read

Factor Investing with Algorithmic Trading | Webinar

Discover the synergy of factor investing and algorithmic trading in our webinar. Learn to build robust models, backtest strategies, and boost portfolio performance....
1 min read

Live Trading: What it is, Software, Strategies, Tools, and More

Going live with your trading strategy requires you to ensure that the strategy is backed by a thorough analysis. With this informative blog, you can learn all about getting familiar with live trading and how to reach your potential for success with trading....
12 min read