Portfolio & Risk Management

From portfolio construction, to analysis, optimization and risk management, learn from market practitioners who share their knowledge and downloadable files for free.

13 min read

Long Short Equity Strategy

Long Short Equity Strategy is the most common trading strategy to generate higher risk-adjusted returns. The Long Short Equity Strategy deploys half of the capital in a long position and another half in a short position....

16 min read

Capital Asset Pricing Model

Learn all about Capital Asset Pricing Model, types of risks, uses and assumptions. See how to calculate Beta and know more about CAPM with its primary benefits and limitations. Get to know what is the Capital-Security Market Line and other factor models of Asset Pricing....

6 min read

Dynamic Money Management

Money Management is the discipline incarnate for the quantitative trader. Zach Oaks, explains about Dynamic Money Management, Win rate, and how to build your own MM system using Python coding....