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Trade in Forex markets and Crypto Currencies using advanced techniques and fast computing. Implementable strategies in Python, R and Excel are shared with step by step guidance.

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Yahoo Finance Forex: How to Download Forex Price Data in Python

Forex price data - how do you get it for daily or minute frequency and that too historical? By using the yahoo finance library of course. Easy, simple, few lines of code, and you will be ready to backtest your strategies!...
5 min read

Crypto Arbitrage: Overview, Trading Strategies, Opportunities, and More

Cryptocurrency arbitrage is an interesting concept with favourable outcomes but there is more that a trader must know about arbitrage opportunities in the crypto market. Find it all out in this blog....
9 min read

Bitcoin Blockchain: Components, Mining, Inflation and Algo Trading

Bitcoin blockchain has taken over the world by storm. We explore this versatile and pathbreaking technology and explain all that you need to know about the Bitcoin blockchain....
8 min read

Aroon Indicator: How To Use It For Cryptocurrency Trading

This article helps to understand the Aroon Indicator, also known as Aroon Oscillator and how to use it in cryptocurrency trading....
3 min read

Forex & Crypto Trading

Getting Started With Cryptocurrency Algorithmic Trading

Let us take you through the journey of Garv Khurana, an EPATian, who is working on a model for an algorithmic trading platform specific to cryptocurrency....
4 min read

Cryptocurrencies Trading Strategy With Data Extraction Technique

There are many sources for getting data from various cryptocurrencies available on the net. Learn the use of python library coinmarketcap to fetch this data...
7 min read

How Will Blockchain Change Stock Markets?

The implementation of Blockchain can help get an advantage in fields such as smart contracts, asset registries and other financial and legal use....
4 min read

Hackers Of 'Wannacry' Demand Bitcoins, As A Trader Why Should You Care?

Bitcoin is a first cryptocurrency that is decentralized, meaning one government or organization cannot control or regularize this, instead Bitcoin currency is managed by public....
8 min read

Implementing Pairs Trading/Statistical Arbitrage Strategy In FX Markets [EPAT PROJECT]

This article on FX Market Pairs Trading strategy is submitted by the author as part of his coursework in EPAT at QuantInsti....
7 min read

Automated Forex Trading: Introduction, Strategies and Platforms

Forex trading is the most popular kind of automated trading among retail traders, where currency pairs are traded based on the speculation of exchange rates....
3 min read